Volleyball has started for me.  I am coaching the Sr. girls team with another teacher.  We have practices at 6:30, so I have been missing my evenings with Calder.

The boys have lots of fun without me (which is great) and today they headed to the park after supper.  Hugh said the park was packed.  There were 3 or 4 parents and 7 or 8 kids.  Calder climbed out of the stroller with a huge smile on his face and went racing toward the swings.  He got most of the way there and stopped dead.  Squished his face up.  Grunted.  And let out the loudest, longest fart ever produced by an 18 month old child.

Hugh said it was a bit embarassing, but all of the parents had a good laugh.

I think Hugh deserves this embarrasing moment.  He is the one teaching Calder (with some assistance from my brother) that laughing at farts is the socially acceptable response.  I hope Calder continues to let them rip in public (but only when Hugh is looking after him).


  1. hahaha, that was a hilarious post! You should submit that to Reader's Digest :)


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