Week in Review

One week ago today, we celebrated Easter and Calder's baptism.  It was a LONG service, clocking in at just under 2 hours.  The grandma's commended Calder's superb behaviour, but they were clearly blinded by Calder's cuteness.  

He was a BEAR.  

It started with a super short nap in the morning and continued with him slapping Hugh in the face repeatedly during the naming ceremony at the back of the church.  Once we got to the front of the church, Calder continued his reign of terror.  We were seated in the front row and Hugh was standing holding Calder so that he was facing the congregation.  Calder was fussing, fighting, moaning and groaning, so in an attempt to make him happy, I pulled out one of his favorite toys, a matchbox semi.  He ripped it out of my hand, pulled his arm back above his head and fired it toward the masses.  Lucky for us, his arm hasn't been fully developed yet and it went straight down into my chair.  It ricocheted off the chair and was launched toward the front of the church hitting the wall to the left of the alter 15 feet away.  Ughhhh.....and that was only 5 minutes in.  It didn't get much better, but after 2 hours it was over.  He ate a bun for lunch and headed down for a two hour nap (thank goodness)!

The next few days consisted of Calder falling onto his head and running into walls.  At one point, he turned too sharp to head into our bathroom and cranked his head.  He turned and started to walk toward me where I was folding laundry between the bathroom and his bedroom.  He held his breath, walked right past me into his bedroom where he let out his blood curdling scream.  I got up and walked to toward him using my best consoling voice and holding my arms out.  He took 3 solid steps forward and SHUT HIS DOOR.  I couldn't believe it.  I held back my laughs and again with my mom voice asked him if he was o.k. and slowly opened his door.  He pushed it shut AGAIN.  I couldn't help but try one more time (it was just too funny to resist).  This time he I only got the door open a couple of inches and he slammed it shut with a solid two handed push.  The message was clear.  I continued folding laundry until the crying subsided and I heard some cheerful talking coming from inside his room.  I opened the door and there was Calder holding a book and giggling.  My sister, Jes, was so pumped to be witness to Calder's first temper tantrum.

On another note, Jes was glad I had to cancel Calder's booster shot appointment this week (he has a really bad cold).  She was afraid social service would be asked to look into the safety of Calder's home environment.  He seemed to have more bruises than normal this week.

Calder is starting to use a few signs.  I haven't been very good at signing with him, but he has managed to master "more" and started to do "milk" and "up".  Any time he wants something he uses "more" and today started rattling off all three signs when he wanted Hugh to give him something.  He reminded us of our dog Cleo.  She also will do all her tricks when she wants something!  We will keep teaching him and try to do so a little more diligently.  It certainly gives him more power to let us know what he wants.

Lastly today, Calder had a bit of a rash on his bum, so he was having some naked time, which is quite common in our house.  I looked over from the table and noticed something hanging from his bum as he was squatting at his puzzle.  Yes.  It was poop.  I thought it was so funny, that I ran to get the camera.  In the mean time, the poop had dropped from his bum and he stepped in it!  UGGGGHHHHH.  Am I an idiot?  What did I think I was going to do with the poop shot, anyway?  Hugh and I managed to get him cleaned up and not 5 minutes later, Hugh glanced over at him and Cleo was very interested in something to Calder's left. Yes.  It was poop.  This time I was smarter and we got Calder and Cleo out of there before we could have any more mishaps. 

Needless to say, we had a great spring break.  We had loads of laughs and it was great to have family here for Easter and Jes and her boyfriend for a visit during the week.  


  1. LOVED this post, as long as the naked time doesn't also involve you and Hugh. Cause then it's just sick.


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