Hot Rod

Hugh has started parking on the driveway to make room in the garage for my new wheels.  The salesman did a  fabulous job on pitching to me it's terrific paint job and detail, comfy seat, retro tires and smooth 3 speeds. Ahhh....are you jealous?  I have gotten numerous stares (obviously good:-) and even a couple of compliments during our first few rides.

Ever since our trip last summer to Jasper I have wanted a cruiser bike.  Everyone was riding them there, so my logical reasoning led me to believe they must be the "cool" bike to have!  Hugh and I went looking for bikes on Saturday and found a cruiser at Walmart.  It was forrest green.  Very nice, but not one bit pretty.  We decided to look around before I was "stuck" with that one.  

We then made our way to Doug's Spoke and Sport to get Calder his Chariot and helmet.  The Chariot was a bit pricey, but you can get different attachments for the front and it retains it value fairly well compared to other brands.  We purchased the bike and jogging attachments to go with it.  

Once we had picked out the Chariot and Calder's killer helmet, we strolled over to the cruisers to "check them out".  I began looking at the cheapest model (which was still $100 more than the one at Walmart).  Hugh tossed out that choice because of it's lack of fenders.  I then took the next model up for a spin around the store (picture me wobbling around, almost falling off).  This one was pretty AND had a fender.  I loved it, but it was pricey, so I was hesitant.  Then the salesman, finished getting the Chariot ready, sees us at the bikes.  He let me know that if I planned on pulling the Chariot, I might want a few gears in case I needed an easier gear to start out, or climb a hill.  Well...I then moved up to the TOP cruiser model.  There was a yellow and blue.  You have seen my choice.  It was way more money then I wanted to spend, but as Hugh said, I will probably own it for at least 10 years and maybe more. I don't know if that justifies it or not, but I do LOVE it!

The salesman at Doug's Spoke and Sport was fantastic.  Not only did he save Calder's life before we made it into the store (I wasn't watching and Calder pulled a bike down.  The salesman ran out of the store and directed it away from C), but he was knowledgeable and wasn't pushy.  I would definitely recommend making a purchase there.

We have had some great rides on our new bikes.  Calder seems to like it back there.  Although, we might not be going fast enough for him.  A couple times he has started reading a book back there!


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