Helmet #3

Should I even bother mentioning this anymore?  I think it is safe to say that my son either bruises extremely easily, or takes an absurd number of tumbles on any give day.  I am inclined to think it is the latter.

He received his first shiner at Kerri's on Friday.  He got in a fight with the corner of the toy box.

Saturday, I was folding some laundry in our bedroom and Calder thought it would be fun to pull our duvet off of our bed.  I didn't see the harm.  He tugged a couple of times and didn't get much of a result.  This is when he decided to lean into it.  He still didn't get a result, but this time his momentum swung him 270 degrees, head first into the corner of our wood bed frame.

Sunday, Hugh was putting on Calder's jacket and used a bit too much force with our little wobbley pop.  Calder tipped back and hit his head on the wall.  He bounced off of the wall and started falling forward.  He then tripped on his shoe and fell to the floor, head first.

We bought him a bike helmet last weekend.  Calder may have to start wearing it around the house.


  1. haha 270 degrees!!! can't wait to hang out with him in a few weeks


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