New Camera

pentax-kx.jpgsony-cybershot-w300.jpgWe bought a new Sony Cyber-Shot camera a year and a half ago.  It takes o.k. photos, but doesn't do so consistently and has a huge delay between snapping the shot and the photo being taken.  It is so hard to catch Calder smiling since he started cruising around.  I felt like I was missing all the cute moments.  Needless to say, I haven't been happy with the Sony for the past 6 months, so last week I finally broke down and bought a new camera.  I shouldn't say "bought".  I used my Air Miles to purchase it!  After checking out reviews, I decided on the Pentax K-X.  The reviews for the couple cameras I was considering were basically the same, so the fact that the Pentax had HD video was the deal maker for me. I have a lot to learn about my new toy! There are more buttons than I know what to do with.  I figure the best way to learn is to start shooting, so that's what I plan to do!

I have also shot some video, but will have to do some reading on how to get it onto our Mac.  I will let you know how that turns out!

I am super pumped to show my grandma Fritshaw my new camera this weekend in Tisdale.  She is in the Parkland Photography Club and is the best picture taker I know!  Check out the link to see a picture she took of a coyote in tree outside her front window.  You can't tell, but the coyote is actually about 15 feet up the tree!

Here are a couple of my first photos!

No where near professional, but I'm having fun!


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