Five On Friday

  1. I get such a kick out of Lawson. Whenever we empty the dryer, Lawson is sure to find her way to the pile. She loves to carry around socks, but also likes to practice getting dressed. She will try to put any item of clothing over her head to wear as a shirt. She has the best luck with our underwear.
  2. Like Mother, like daughter.
3.  I'm pretty sure there were a few women in The Centre bathroom who thought I was looney last week, but this sign bothered me. Does it bother any of you (other than Deena, because I know it bothers her!)?

4. A friend and I took our kids bowling over the break. The kids had a blast. Lawson even snaggled throwing a ball down the lane (more like dropped it and it rolled down the lane that was two over!). They had glow bowling in the afternoon. Teenie bopper music was blasting and the kids were rocking. I should have taken some pictures of us bowling, but quite frankly I was too busy being annoyed at my terrible game! Lol. Seriously, though, it looks like I did better than I actually did. They wrote our names in the wrong order so Boone actually had my score and I had his!  Luckily I had a late strike (my only one) and was able to attain a 3 digit score. Boone cared the least about how he did and was 2 points away from the winning score!
5.    This week has seen devastation in Fort McMurray. I have found myself welling with tears all week. My heart goes out to all the displaced people and the community and will continue to keep them in my thoughts. In May of 2011, I blogged about the fire that consumed 1/3 of Slave Lake. I re-read that post today and the sentiment remains true.

Feeling lucky and thankful today.  Happy Friday.


  1. I feel like we should get magical bonus points in life when we spotting typos on anything that is used as promotion for the public. That is all.

    1. Good find grammar police woman.

    2. I totally agree, Deena. Found another one today!

  2. It took me a second to find the error. Of course the 2 teachers would hate this sign! haha.

  3. Hahaha. The sign made me giggle. What is it with kids and playing with underwear and specifically wearing them as hats or scarves. I love the picture comparison you were able to find. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

    Triple digits is pretty good. We went bowling a couple of weeks ago with friends and all the kids, I ended up losing to everyone! No joke.

    1. Honestly, Bo. Every single time I went up I had to remind myself to have fun. I hate being bad at things. It is a serious fault of mine!


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