Boone Update

Every morning when I check out which shoes I am going to wear, Boone needs to try them on as well. Calder used to do this a lot too and has gotten back into the habit since Boone has become interested. I personally think they look pretty cute on him. 
Boone's cousin, Nash
Boone is starting to speak so clearly. He is finished with saying things like "momdad" which he used regularly when he wanted both of our attention and now says things like, "This is so delicious, right Mom?" and "I fill Dawsie's bucket." (I totally recommend this book!) 
Boone loves to run and play. He is pretty coordinated and fairs pretty well keeping up with Calder. Boone isn't that into mini sticks, so typically Calder lets Boone score one goal before Boone moves on to other things. He has really been into playing with the kitchen and he loves building with LEGO. Boone loves other kids. He will play with anyone and everyone. He continues to show us he is extroverted. I would definitely say his best friend is his cousin, Harper, but he has called many kids and adults his best friend!
Boone would eat sushi every day if I made it for him. In fact, it is one of the few meals he will eat like a normal person. . . What do I mean by this? . . . He is a VERY slow eater - a lot like Calder was. We have to threaten time-outs to get Boone to take bites and if we don't help him he can take up to an hour to eat (and trust me, we put less food on his plate than we think he actually needs to survive. . . that's how much we hate the meal time battle!). He has fallen asleep at the table multiple times. Usually it is when we have had enough and get up to start cleaning the kitchen. A few unattended moments will often result in what you see above.

We have cut out Boone's nap which is where the suppertime naps are coming from. It wasn't an easy decision to transition him. We continue to feel bad that without a nap Boone is crashing at any time of day, in any sort of place (the floor, the stairs, the table, the bed, the van, etc.). The night that drove the "no nap" point home most clearly came shortly before the Easter break. Hugh and Calder were out at an event and I was home with the younger two. Boone had napped that day, but I put him down at the usual time (7 pm) and could still hear him fooling around shortly after 8 pm. Shortly after 9 pm I heard Boone giggling and was a bit put off. I thought he had actually fallen asleep since it had been an hour since I heard him. As I listened I could hear a second voice giggling. My heard skipped a beat. I was home alone. As I listened to the second round of giggling I turned irate. It was Lawson. My best estimate would have had her asleep for over two hours. When I got to their rooms at the end of the hall, Boone was pulling Lawson's door shut. Before I could even get a word out, he said, "Don't worry, Mom. I not bugging Lawson. I playing with her." He wasn't lying. Lawson was not being bugged. She didn't let out a single crying having been awakened in the middle of her night.
No more naps for you, Boone.

Please make note of the "He wasn't lying" above. This is a big deal. Boone's pants start on fire almost every time we ask him a question. You might be thinking, "How cute?", but it was so bad that I was actually concerned. My blogging friend, Shaunacy runs a series called #whatmomsgoogle and for weeks all I could think about googling was 'lying toddler sociopath'. Oh, boy. Thankfully before I did, I was expressing concerns for my burnt pants boy at work one day and a coworker told me that a toddler lying is a sign of intelligence. That is definitely it. Boone is just really smart. Phew. I will not be googling anything to confirm (or deny) that truth.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. he is one of my favourite characters, that Boone.

  2. Oh Hallelujah! Is that all it is? I'm glad she'll be smart, but I wish sometimes it wasnt' at my expense! :/

    Lol, but he is a little sweetie! How fun Lawson must have found the middle of the night shenanigans! :)

  3. Oh my goodness I laughed multiple times throughout this post. I think I would very much enjoy Boone's personality. First off cute shoes and even cuter boy. Second, I agree with the statement about lying showing intelligence. We had a similar phase (that is still going on) with Anya and everything I read indicated that the fact that she could process the situation, know that we as her parents would not like it and then create a story that she likely felt good about and knew we would as well, was beyond her years. Last thing that I just find awesome is that this kid can sleep anywhere!


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