I wouldn't want to live without . . .

My L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara.

This stuff is amazing. It doesn't run or smear, but with a bit of water comes off in clumps. It is tube mascara, so rather than being painted on it somehow forms tubes around your eyelashes. I have been using this stuff for over 5 years. I remember my mom and sister asking me if I wanted waterproof mascara for Tripp's funeral, but I had already fallen in love with my tubes. 

Displaying IMG_1060.JPGThis stuff never wears off. Ever. But it washes off VERY easily. I have used waterproof mascara before and it pales in comparision to this stuff. There are many different brands of tube mascara. I have tried one from Sephora. I hated it. The tube was faulty and the price was way more. I get mine when I order from Walmart.ca. Here is the link, but you can likely pick it up in store as well. I just LOVE me some online shopping!

While we were skiing in Kimberly Calder and I had a shower together after a hot tub. I rubbed my eyes and all my tubes of mascara rubbed off on my hands. I gasped and exclaimed, "THERE ARE SPIDERS ALL OVER MY HANDS!"  Calder glanced down and screeched at the top of his lungs. I scared him more than I had even anticipated and immediately explained to him what it was. We giggled about it after his heart started beating again!

Have a great Thursday!


  1. HA!! Poor guy! :) :) Might have to try this one next! I love me my L'Oreal mascara (the gold tube... I don't remember what it's called! :s :))

  2. ohhhh might have to try this
    lol at the 'spiders'
    Simply Shaunacey

  3. Good to know, will add this one to my try pile! Love the spiders story!


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