Happy Birthday, Boone!

We were thrilled three years ago when we welcomed a very overdue, healthy boy. Boone is a character. He loves making jokes and can always get a laugh. If you ask Boone a question, don't take him on his word. He lies. All. The. Time. It is almost funny. 

Boone loves his cousin, Harper, reading books in bed, and wearing a jersey. Boone typically eats a banana the moment he gets out of bed and is always excited to go to daycare. Boone will occasionally still give us some cuddles, but typically only after he naps. Boone is excited to be learning about letters. He only knows B's name, but will grab any of our family's letters and tell us who they belong to. He is currently having a hard time understanding B is for Billy and Brittany too, but we are working on it!  Counting isn't his thing yet. But trust me, it will be!

Boone is a party animal before bed. Calder is currently yelling at him to go to sleep. I gotta go. 

We love you more than ice cream, Boone.

Happy Monday!


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