Happy Birthday, Calder

Today our oldest turns 7. He asked me this morning what time he was born. It was around 10 am, so I shared that with him. He quickly exclaimed, "I'm not even 7 yet!"  I thought that maybe next year he should wait until after school to open the gifts from us rather than first thing in the morning, but clearly that was NOT a good idea (and I had to agree).

Calder is a loud, energetic boy. We always knew Calder had a kind streak, but a recent event with someone he cared about getting picked on made our hearts swell (and my eyes with tears).  Calder loves screen time and being physical with his brother (often inappropriately). His favorite toys to play with are cars and LEGO. He loves hockey and is getting keen on playing ball. It is always easiest to take Calder to any "new" activity if we can tell him a buddy is also attending. As energetic as he is, he is still more introverted than extroverted.

My favorite things to do with Calder are talk about math (this morning he subtracted 2 two-digit numbers in his head, in the context of a word problem), watch him do physical activity (he is wild and controlled all at once), and I love our 1-on-1 conversations that often occur in the van (no sibling or toy distractions can really get his words flowing).

My least favorite thing to do that Calder loves is watch his replays. This includes the replay of the replay.

We love you C. Have a great year. xoxo


  1. I swear he looks more and more like you each year! :) Happy Birthday Calder! :) :)

  2. Our boys would get along so well. HBD Calder!


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