Lawson Update 4 months

Lawson is really turning into our best baby. Not only did she start sleeping through the night at around 2 months, but her grumpy few hours in the late evening started to disappear at around 3.5 months. She still doesn't go to bed for the night, but at least now she will go down around 7:30 and have a snooze until her last feed between 8:30 and 9:00.

Lawson has also started to have some nice long naps. I LOVE these :-) And I think the boys do too. I get to do way more stuff with them if I don't have to continually help Lawson fall back to sleep. That being said, I often turn on the tv for Boone while I put Lawson down, so he might be sad he doesn't get to watch as much Paw Patrol!

Lawson has started speeding up her feed times. She is now only taking about 15 minutes per feed. This has seriously decreased my time watching t.v., but I am quite happy about it! She also has developed this nasty spitting up habit the last few weeks. She had always spit up. There was never a rhyme or reason to when she did it, but every few feeds she would burp some up. Not any more. Now she THROWS UP after most feeds and she does this multiple times after eating. Honestly, it really can't be called spit up when you can hear a loud splash on the floor when it hits, or when your entire shirt is drenched.

Lawson is starting to smile more easily, but it takes some work to get a giggle.

Lawson has yet to reach and grasp an item. The boys both did it right before they turned 4 months, but as of today, Lawson still hasn't done it. This has kept my purse a bit less full as I don't have to cart around chewy toys for her yet. Lawson definitely loves having her hands in her mouth, so I'm sure it is only a matter of time before she decides she would rather chew on something else.

Lawson's first boat ride was pretty exhausting. She lasted about 30 seconds on the water before she dozed off. We then laid her on the lawn chair when we got back to shore and she had a killer snooze.

Lawson has started rolling both ways! A couple of Fridays ago, I put her in Calder's room while he and Dylan were doing some art. When I came back to check on her a few minutes later she was quite a ways away from where I had set her. Calder nonchalantly says, "Well yeah mom, she rolled there." I needed clarification. "Did you help her? Did she roll from her back to tummy?"  Yep. . . Apparently she rolled all on her own! I cheered and Calder and Dylan looked at me funny. They didn't seem to think it was as big a deal as I did :-)

Happy Tuesday!


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