Boone Update

Many people ask me what color Boone's eyes are. The verdict is finally in. I googled what "hazel" meant. It is a mix of green and brown and depending on the light, a person's eyes could look like either color. I may be the only one who didn't know this! Boone's eyes are hazel with the dominant color being green. This means that most of the time his eyes look green. I have always said my brother has green eyes, but I took a good look at his the other day and I think technically his are hazel too. The amount of brown around my brother's pupil is very small - therefore his are always looking green. . . So maybe then they are just considered green? I am back to being unsure! LOL Hugh's dad also has green eyes, and now I am itching to see him again so I can examine his!  I was so disappointed in the middle shot above. Boone looks gorgeous in it, but it is slightly off focus. I am blaming him. He must have moved right before I snapped it. ;-)

Boone is a turkey when it comes to falling asleep at night. Ideally we put him down between 7 and 7:30 pm, but it doesn't really matter what time it is when we shut the lights off. Boone won't fall asleep until he has played alone in his bed for about an hour. Boone squirms out of his sleeping bag every night. We used to safety pin the zipper to the top, but Boone just considered that an added challenge before he Houdini'd his way out. Every night before we go to bed, Hugh zips Boone back in! The picture above is during a nap. We sometimes see this happen. He has unzipped the top of his sleeping bag and shoved 3 of his 4 his stuffies and his blankie into the bag. Hugh and I are very pleased that for the past couple of months Boone has been sleeping (for the most part) past 6. This is a VERY big deal. Boone started his 5 - 5:30 am wake-ups when he was about 6 months old, so this has been a long time coming!

Boone has exploded with his words. There would be no point in keeping track of the number he could say these days. There are just too many. That being said, some are hard to understand - even for Hugh and I!

Boone still calls Lawson, "Dawsie". I almost don't want him to stop. It is really cute. We will ask him to repeat us after we say "la la la la Lawson" and Boone clearly says, "la la la la Dawsie". Speaking of Lawson, Boone couldn't possibly love her anymore. He continues to shower her with hugs and kisses and can be found throwing a fit if he doesn't get to hug her when he is wanting to hug her!

Boone copies everything that Calder says and does. He imitates Calder's actions when Calder is telling us a story at supper and he repeats almost every word and scowl that comes out of Calder's mouth when they are playing. Calder typically doesn't pay attention to Boone repeating him, except for when he is in a bad mood. Calder will then tell Boone not to copy him and Boone will, of course, say "copy". This makes Calder more mad and typically results in a physical confrontation. 
Calder was shaving. Boone needed to shave, too!
Boone has started to eat meat. For a long time he only ate sausage, bacon and ham. As a ploy to get him to eat more meat we started calling basically any protein on our table, "ham". He will now eat many different kinds of "ham"! We have been trying to explain to Boone about how Grandpa Fritshaw made the meat we are eating. He gets very serious, and a bit loud when he proclaims, "No! My ham!"

Boone absolutely loves being outside. Unlike Calder, he will play in the backyard by himself for extended periods of time. Hugh has created a bigger sandbox and I know Boone is loving it out there!
Boone has recently started to act shy around strangers. This is something new, but not necessarily a bad thing! He is still pretty good with family and friends and isn't shy to give them hugs and kisses.

Happy Thursday!


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