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Calder Update

Calder is winding down at school. The last month or so I might actually say that he doesn't dislike school. This is a big deal. He usually complains about having to go and he has stopped doing that (maybe this has more to do with the fact that after months of trying to get out of it, he realizes that it isn't going to happen).

Calder got his first report card in March. We were very proud of him. He has done so well with every outcome and has done a great job of cooperating with everything this teacher asks. One outcome that they hadn't worked on much is printing, so the last couple of months Calder and I have spent about 30 minutes a week practicing at home. It is really amazing how little it takes. Check out his writing from the last time he was capitaine at school.
 I was also pretty excited with the butterfly he created in the top left hand corner (they had caterpillars that made cocoons and hatched in his class). My heart got a bit of a tug when Calder told me he didn't know how to spell Lawson or Tripp, so he just included their initials (to the right of Boone, smooshed together).
To work on Calder's writing, him and I have gotten in a great routine. Once I get Boone to bed for his nap, Calder will get out the papers he is working on (right now it is practicing each letter) and begin practicing. He has really started to learn that going slow and being neat is more important than speed. I am so proud of him and I think he is really proud of himself. After he does the letter sheet, he pulls out a different work book and we do a page together. He has recently even started to draw in one of his "fancy" drawing books during this time which is great. Anything to get him working on those fine motor skills is going to help him make improvements.

Soccer is going well. I have been amazed at how far Calder has come with his play. He has started to carry the ball around other players and has learned to keep his head up to look for a pass. Calder has even started to stop and wait for someone to pass it to rather than go in to score himself every time. This makes me smile. I can't wait to see him transfer these skills to hockey!

Martensville recently had there town wide garage sale. We told Calder he could have $10 to spend. Calder, Boone, and I went out on our bikes (Boone in the Chariot) on the Friday night. Calder spent $1 on cars. The next morning, Auntie Brittany hopped in with us and at the second stop her and I waited in the car while Hugh and Calder scouted it out. Thirty seconds later, Hugh was back for more cash, proclaiming "We found an awesome deal". Calder came back with a case of 100 Hot Wheels. The sticker price was $25, but Calder talked to the owner and she gave it to him for $20. He has been playing with that case non-stop. I suggested Calder take it to the lake, but he told me they were his favorite cars and he WOULD NOT be doing that!
Calder did a face plant on his roller blades (garage sale find!). Got right back at it, though!
Calder continues to push every limit and has to experience things for himself to learn. This is why some parents might think Hugh and I are a bit free range with him. If he is climbing somewhere and could fall, we don't tell him to stop. We just warn him of what could happen. If he refuses to wear a coat in the morning, we don't make him. We just suggest he put one in his backpack. If he doesn't put one in there, we don't do it for him. Because we have learned the best way to deal with Calder in these instances, we have seen less meltdowns had have fewer fights. I have also seen Calder become confident in his skills and try more things on his own. This also has something to do with the fact that Hugh and I don't step in and automatically do things for him. This morning he grabbed an extremely heavy bucket of cars to take down the stairs. I sat back and watched. Other kids might have asked for help, but Calder knew he could do it. He stopped on our landing to take a break and re-grip the bucket and then continued on his way. I could have offered to carry it for him, but Calder is learning independence when we let him do things on his own. It is awesome to see!

Calder had some excitement at the lake two weekends ago.  He caught his first fish. My brother, Luke, was fishing off the end of the dock and caught a couple of fish. Calder got the itch and on his second cast (that went about 4 feet off the end of the dock) he caught his first fish!

Later that afternoon he caught his second and third. The second made it to shore, but the third got away before my Dad could grab it out of the water. We had a fish fry that night - so delicious! It was a VERY exciting day. In fact, Calder was so pumped about it that the next morning he asked me what I had planned to serve for lunch. When I told him I wasn't sure he replied that he planned on catching some fish for lunch!  It didn't happen, but he was very motivated to try!

 Have a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. I think your approach of letting him learn for himself is perfect. Give the kids ownership!

  2. agree with Deena, I like your approach of letting him learn... I don't know if you've read any Barbara Coloroso, but she advocates that letting kids make decisions around things (i.e. not wearing a coat) helps them become more independent adults and freer thinkers. I think it's awesome!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I am going to look up that author, Shaunacey! I like reading parenting stuff!


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