Lawson update - 2 months

Wow. Time has been flying.

Hahahahaha. Not it has not. It is dragging along. I have been having a rough time as you may have read. The healing process is slow going.

That being said, Lawson is already 2 months old. And because time has not been flying, I have been able to soak in so many of the sweet things that make this stage the best.

My favourite is the after feed, sleepy, burpy cuddles. 

I also love carting her sleepy little body around in my wrap.

And of course, maybe the best part, watching her brothers love her up.

Lawson is a good baby. She isn't "Boone" good, but she has started to come around ;-). She didn't nap or sleep well the first month. Lawson would fight to fall asleep, but once she was out, we would often have to wake her for a feed. At night it was tricky. She would get up hungry, lazily eat, and then take 1.5 hours to get back to sleep. It was treacherous. Lawson continues to take her time eating, but has realized that there is no fooling around at night. She apparently began to understand what my late night tears and angry voice were all about. I actually got stern with her a couple of times. It wasn't pretty. Getting stern with a baby never is. . . but I was so tired I wasn't in control of my own body! The last 3 weeks she has done a great job of falling back down after a night time feed. I typically feed Lawson at around 9:30 pm and then she wakes between 4 and 5 for a morning feed before falling back down until 8 or 9 am. I am definitely not complaining about this schedule!

During the day she is hit or miss for napping. Again, she has trouble going down and sometimes she wakes randomly in the middle of a nap. We have been shoving her soother in at this point and it can help to put her back down. She uses it to sleep about half the time. The other half she goes down on her own. Hugh and I are both super paranoid about her using the soother as a prop, but agree that it is a battle we are willing to fight at a later date. We like the sanity the soother provides for us right now!

Lawson was quite hard to get a burp out of at the start. During the first month and a bit I would get so frustrated after tapping her back, for what seemed like hours, that I would just lay her down in frustration or move on to changing her diaper. It didn't take long to realize that all that tapping was useless. She usually didn't give us that burp unless she moved from laying down for a prolonged period of time to vertical. Now, I don't waste my time.  After a minute or so of burping, I just move on to laying her down and waiting until she starts to squirm. We then typically get an Barney from the Simpson's belch. Seriously. I don't remember either of the two boys letting them go like she does!

Lawson doesn't cry much these days. Typically some food or some sleep will cure whatever ails her. She is hit or miss with a bath. She doesn't scream like Calder did for the entire bath, but she also doesn't seem to love it as much as Boone did.

We have been particularly been enjoying seeing her dark blue eyes open more. She has given us the odd smile and even might have coo'd a few times!


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