Big Brothers

The one thing I know for sure is that these two boys love Lawson fiercely. They can't get enough hugs, kisses and cuddles with our girl. I hope she is always this spoiled with love from them. I know that at some point that love will look like screaming and wrestling, but I am confident that Calder and Boone will protect and care for her long after I am gone (and I am just as sure she will do the same for them). 

A homecare nurse last week commented that Lawson is such a lucky girl to have 2 big brothers.  Calder quickly corrected her. "She has 3 big brothers. Two here and one in Heaven." I love this about Calder. He doesn't hesitate to tell it like it is. Talking about Tripp is just part of how things work at our house. Lawson will never have a photo with Tripp, but he certainly will play a part in who she becomes. Just as he has played a part in who Calder has become. 

Boone loves to sit and hold Lawson. But mostly only when the t.v. is on. Please note he is staring directly at it in the first picture. Boone also loves to kiss Lawson. And he won't give her just one. He lays them on thick. Lawson has come to expect a dozen or so smooches before Boone is satisfied. He is kissing the top of her head in the 2nd photo. So far, Boone has only hurt Lawson once. He randomly flipped himself off our bed and clipped Lawson in the head with his foot on the way down (I was sitting right there, but my reaction time must be going, because I wasn't quick enough to prevent it!). He has also hit her in the head with a sponge football. Twice. After he threw it at her head the first time I told him I would take the football away if he did it again. He promptly wound up and hit her in the head again. I can't for the life of me believe this happened. And not the part where he threw the football at her. The part that he actually hit his mark twice in a row! Sometimes the ball goes backwards when he throws it, so I guess I should just be pleased he is making improvements.

Last week we had our first bedtime story with all 3 kids. I read. Nobody listened. Both boys were so excited to be cuddled up with Lawson that they didn't hear a word. I didn't care one bit. I just kept on reading and marvelling at how lucky we were. Boone loved the experience so much that he asked Hugh to go get him his blankey. He had big plans to spend the night with Calder. Hugh and I are already lacking enough sleep, so are saving the sleepover for a time far, far away!
Happy Thursday!


  1. SO AWESOME!! Lawson looks so taken with Boone in that last "reading" photo! :) She's so beautiful too- those lips! :)

    You made some amazing kids.


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