Calder's First Day

I wasn't nervous about Calder starting Kindergarten; I was excited. Calder was ready and Hugh and I both know he is going to rock it. Wednesday was his first day and although I hadn't been nervous, I did feel a bit anxious for him in the morning. I have no worries about him having success at school, I just worry that he'll make friends and have fun.

Calder will go full days, every other day, but his first day was just a half day. Parents were asked to come in and get their kids settled, so I took a half day soaked in as much as I could. All my nerves were gone by the time I showed up to his classroom. Calder was ready and so was I.

Calder's teacher, Madam, talked to each of the students and read them a book. The parents then did a very quick activity with their students and were told by Madam that if we felt comfortable, we could leave. I felt totally great. Calder didn't seem one bit apprehensive.  Once given the opportunity to roam around the classroom, Calder grabbed some blocks and started making a track for cars (not at all like him ;-) It wasn't long before some other boys joined in. After about 5 minutes every single girl had settled in playing with the kitchen set up and every single boy was playing cars or animals along side Calder :-) At one point, I even heard Calder ask another boy his name (shocking). I loitered around for a few more minutes and chatted with another mom. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall and be able to watch Calder grow as a learner. 

Calder even got to practice taking the bus home on his first day. He loved it, but told me next time he didn't want to sit with the baby. (The bus driver had her own son, about Boone's age, in a 5 point harness in the front seat and put Calder next to him!). 

We didn't get much out of Calder after that first day of school, but he seemed happy and was excited when we told him he got to go back on Friday for a full day.

On Thursday night we went over Calder's lunch menu (rice crackers, cheese, ham, muffin, banana, dried mango slices) and reminded him about taking the bus. He was pumped and barely wanted to go to bed.

Friday after school we pounded Calder for details on his day. He didn't have to sit with the baby, but I only knew that because I watched him get off the bus! At one point Hugh said, "I don't know how I am going to NOT email Madam to see how things are going if Calder continues to be this tight with details!" Eventually, Calder told us that recess was his favourite part of the day. When we asked why, he told us that he, Alex (the boy whose name he learned on the first day) and Alex's friend, found a piece of chewed gum on the playground. We pried for more details thinking maybe some kid ate it or stepped in it, but no. The most exciting part of his day was finding chewed gum. Oy. 

I think we can officially say that Calder is loving school. On Sunday night when we told him that he had school on Monday he yelled, "Yes! Gym!"

Happy Monday!


  1. Best thing ever. Oh man, to not be able to watch them learn... despite the great learning they can do just by NOT having us there... will be torturous! :/ :)

    French Immersion? :)

  2. so glad he's loving it and could he seriously be any cuter? the answer is no!


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