Almost the shortest hockey career in history

These days Calder is not in love with school he was the first week or two. We have even heard the odd groan, and "I don't want to go to school" when we remind him in the evening about how he will spend the next day. I think part of it has to do with the kind of kid Calder is. If Boone is our extrovert, Calder is certainly our introvert. Calder would much rather be at home than pretty much anywhere. I also think part of the negativity we are seeing has to do with riding the bus. I don't think it is the length of time (about a half an hour each way), but more to do with the fact he either sits at the front by himself, or with the bus driver's one-year old. We are in the midst of working on this. Apparently the bus company has a rule that kids must sit youngest to oldest on the bus - unless they sit with a sibling and then a younger kid might get to sit a bit farther back. There is one other boy in Calder's kindergarten class who rides the bus, but he sits with his brother. I feel like there is NO reason Calder should ever have to sit with the baby (the bus has plenty of room). In order to get this changed, however, the bus driver told us we need to talk to the bussing manager, because she is just following policy (not blaming her at all, just silly that common sense can't prevail and every kid move one seat back so that Calder isn't with the baby - the bus driver told us there was room for this to happen, but because of policy, she couldn't be the one to do it).

That being said, Calder is certainly very excited about the French words he is learning and is starting to tell us some of them when he comes home. He also got to go to the library at school and was super excited to read the books he picked with us (good reminder to me to get him back to our library). It also seems like Calder has lots of friends and we have heard about him playing with MANY different kids during class and at recess (No girls of course. He doesn't play with girls, you know. . . Although, Emery may beg to differ!)

About a week ago Calder came home from school and told us that they were having races (not sure if it was at recess or during Phys. Ed.). He told us Hugh was the fastest kid in the class. Calder then added that another boy kept saying they tied, but Calder knew they didn't. Oh, he is my child.

Calder had his first hockey practice on the weekend. He almost didn't go. During the week, Hugh was speaking to Calder before bed about what would happen at the first practice so he would know what to expect. When Hugh was done speaking, Calder announced, "I don't want to play hockey." It took some serious convincing, but when Hugh finally got Calder to tell him why, he stated that he didn't want to wear a bib. LOL. The first few skates, they evaluate the kids so they can make even teams. They put the kids in bibs or pinnies to help them identify them. Calder thought that he was going to have to wear one of Boone's bibs on the ice and was so mortified he was ready to retire before he even started!

Calder had a great time during his first skate and is excited to go back on Thursday. Boone also loved the rink. I didn't get to watch a lot of Calder playing - Too busy chasing Boone. I will definitely be getting a babysitter the odd time so that I can enjoy watching Calder - Uninterrupted!

Happy Tuesday!


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