Boone the Screamer

Boone is in need of an update, but in this moment the only thing I can think to say about him is that he screams. And screams. And screams. This may be due to the fact he has very few words, or more likely the fact that he just prefers screaming. He screams if he wants something, he screams if he doesn't get his way, in fact, he even screams when he is happy (the happy screaming is very much encouraged by his loud, loud brother).

On Tuesday I got home with the boys after work and began to put together supper. Calder when next door to play and after a mere 5 minutes alone, Boone began screaming. I tried playing with him, feeding him, carrying him, cuddling him, turning on the t.v. and when the screaming didn't stop, I just let him hold on to my leg as I made supper while he got his daily dose of screaming in. I couldn't figure out what he wanted, so figured I might as well just continue making supper. Intermittently I would try the odd thing on my list, but when it was immediately rejected by him (increased volume on the screaming accompanied by vigorous shaking of his head), I just continued on my not-so-merry way. Forty-five minutes later, I was exhausted and grumpy. Listening to screaming can wear a person out. Apparently hearing your own screaming isn't exhausting, because Boone was still at it. Having had enough of Boone hanging off my leg, I moved toward the couch and had a seat. Boone screamed at me to stand up, but I wasn't budging. I then got some relief from him hanging off my leg when he decided he would rather roll around on the carpet and scream. Four minutes rolled by and Boone had finally had enough (I guess it takes 49 minutes of listening to your own screaming). Boone crawled up on my lap, immediately stopped screaming and laid his head on my chest and let me rub his back. WHAT AN ORDEAL.

Hugh got home and we ate supper (more screaming) and once we were finished I left Hugh in charge. I was tapped out. I grabbed the container of cupcakes from our counter, walked down the hall to our bedroom and locked the door. I then sat in peace for 5 minutes when Hugh came knocking with Boone. Really? Really? Hugh couldn't stop laughing that I had actually locked the door and took the entire container of cupcakes (I planned on eating them all, but I only had time to have 1). I think the fact that he came knocking with Boone "the menace" after a mere 5 minutes should take all the "funny" out of my situation.

Next time I am getting in the van with my cupcakes and going for a drive.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Hi Jordan - this made me laugh! My older son was a screamer, and finally grew out of it when he was about three. I love how you locked yourself in your room with cupcakes! Congratulations on your pregnancy - hope you're feeling better!


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