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I haven't been around much lately. I have been feeling crappy. Pregnancy crappy. I am not a puker, but I basically felt like dirt for the last 2 months. I am slowly coming out of it, but feel like there is still a ways to go. In fact, I am fairly certain, I won't be out of the first trimester grossness when my treatments start next week. If you are new here (I do have a few new stylish friends!), go HERE to see what those are all about. You could also scroll down and look at the Neonatal Hemochromatosis and IVIG Treatment labels to read more. 

While pregnant with Boone I did treatments on Wednesday. This time I have chosen to do them on Thursdays. It is better for my students (we have this crazy Thursday schedule where I only see 1 or 2 of my 4 classes depending on the day) and I think it will be better for me. Thursdays and Fridays after my treatments were really exhausting. I think only having one day of work after them will be good. If you are wondering why I didn't pick Fridays for my treatments. . . . my students. . . .and the nurses at CTC have an earned day off every third Friday, so it wouldn't work for consistency.

Today I realized I need to quit trying to wear my regular clothes. I am currently typing away wearing my skinny jeans with the top button undone. And they are still pretty darn tight. I have actually gained double the weight to this point in my pregnancy compared to the other 3 (I gained about 5# with the boys in the first trimester). I have to get my eating under raps. I am fine saying, "I gained double in the first trimester", but I don't want to say it in the third. It isn't healthy and it is a punt-load of weight to lose after.

I am still undecided whether I am doing the work wear challenge. I know the list is out, but not even sure when it starts. I need this baby bump to get popping out a bit more. That way I might look pregnant and not like I ate donuts all summer. Oh, how I love donuts! I also don't want to buy a ton of clothes, but since I have had that motto for the last two pregnancies, the amount of suitable stuff I have to wear to work is quite limited.. The majority of my maternity clothes are 6 years old. The good news is leggings are in and I have some nice boots, so I may just try and pick up a few longer tops to wear with them.

I am off to either create a math test or write another blog post. My mind is spinning with ideas!

Happy Friday. Enjoy the last weekend of August!!


  1. Try checking out kijiji for clothing! A lot of women want to recover some of the money spent on clothing they wore for 5-ish months, so it is usually in good condition. Also, is a good place to pick up a few more stylish pieces. And congrats again - I hope you start feeling better soon. Being pregnant with two little boys in the house must add a new dimension of exhaustion.

  2. Thank, Rebecca! I am going to check out kijiji. I never think of it!


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