Back to work

I was officially back to work Wednesday (students come on Tuesday). That being said, I have done some work over the summer and actually headed back to my classroom full time last Monday. I am teaching one new course and one of my courses I haven't taught in a couple of years, so it needed some tweeking.

I always heard being a new teacher was being about survival. You would be crazy busy, but if you survived you were successful. Being a more experienced teacher (I'm in my 13th year) I feel almost exactly as busy, but survival is no longer the marker of success. As I have learned more about my craft, I want to do more things, so I can be better for students.

All the teachers out there can call me crazy, but I love prep! I love getting notes packages ready and creating assignments for students. I love brainstorming (by my introverted self :-) different things I can do in my class to help fill a gap I feel or the students tell me is present. I love sitting at my desk, alone in my classroom, working out a math problem. . .

But I am ready for students. Two weeks solid of prep, plus the dozens of hours I put in at the lake in the weeks before are quite enough. I am excited to meet my new crew and get started. I can see it now. Students flooding the hallways, hesitantly entering my room. Scouring the seating plan at the front to find their place (without a seating plan I would never learn names!). Squeeky new shoes and binders filled with crisp paper will fill up my rows. There will be new faces and some familiar - both of which I am excited for.

And although I hate the first day of school (way too much of me talking), I can't wait for Tuesday.

Happy Friday!


  1. What are you going to wear for first day???!!!

  2. enjoy and I Love love love your enthusiasm!
    agree with Deena, we need pics of your first day outfit!


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