For Hugh's staff Christmas party they did a Chinese gift exchange, with the stipulation being you couldn't buy anything new.  The gift had to be something you already owned. 

Usually, Hugh and I take these kinds of opportunities to get rid of any junk that is lying around our house.  These gifts are often funny and become a hit during the exchange.

This year, Hugh brought up a Chess set we had received at one of these exchanges last year, and a set of canisters I got as a shower gift.  Both were "nice" gifts that could be used.  Hugh and I aren't into chess, and we already had a set of canisters, so we never used the shower gift.  We were taking a new approach this year.

When the gift exchange got under way, the canisters were one of the first presents opened.  The canisters were in the original packaging, but the recipient was a bit skeptical, so opened the box.  Low and behold, they found the canisters neatly packed inside AND the original card that came with the shower gift!  Hugh had wrapped the gift up without even opening the box!  You hear about re-gifting and not removing the card and here we had done it!  

The canisters were stolen 3 times and were one of the hits of the party.  The teacher who ended up with the canisters happened to be sitting beside me and as she peeked in the box, she noticed there was a canister missing.  Not only had we left the card in the box, I forgot that I had been using the largest one for brown sugar in my baking cabinet!  Nice gift.


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