Merry Sickmas

It has been so long since I posted, I am not really sure what to post about.  I think I will try and post a few shorter stories.  The first will be about Sickmas...oh, I mean Christmas.

Calder was sick.  This was his longest sick spell to date and not only his longest, it seemed to hit him the hardest of any virus he has caught.

On the afternoon of the 20th, we took Calder for a walk outside.  He was not happy and this was not like him.  He spent the remainder of the evening with a fever, cuddling Hugh on the couch and refusing to eat.  This lasted from that evening and all the way through Christmas Day.  Calder was so miserable, there were times when he wouldn't let anyone hold him except for Hugh (including me).  He certainly didn't share much love with any of the Hamilton's while they were here from the 23rd - 25th.  Wait, I shouldn't say that.  Occasionally, when the advil had kicked in, he got up the energy to play with his cousin, Madison. 

We knew he might be starting to be on the mend Christmas Eve. Calder pulled a chair up to the table and started crushing a bowl of all dressed chips.  We let him go to town.  We were so pumped he was actually eatting something!

On the 25th, we headed to Tisdale.  Calder was in bed, asleep before 8 pm and didn't wake up until 9 am on Boxing Day.  9 AM.  This is UNHEARD of with our son.  He has rarely slept in past 7 am!

He got his appetite back on the 27th and has been our happy, playing, laughing boy every since.

Calder has been picking up words like crazy these days, but Hugh and I laugh that he mastered "toy" and "treat" in the few days surrounding Christmas.


  1. Just wait . . . soon, you'll be having the most intriguing conversations with your baby boy. It amazes me every day!


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