The Healing Power of Kisses

On Sunday, Hugh took off for hockey practice in the afternoon and Calder and I were left to spend some quality Mommy-Son time together.

As we were playing with his trucks on the kitchen floor, Calder turned to me (out of no where), pointed to his chin and said, "chin".  I agreed with him that that was, indeed, his chin.  He then looked at me and point to my chin and repeated the word.  Again, I agreed with him.  Then to my surprise, he pointed to my chin, said "owie", and kissed it better.  I thought it was kind of strange, since I didn't have an owie, but loved that Calder just up and kissed me.

As I washed my face for bed that night, I saw the owie.  A rather significant puss filled ZIT.  Gross.  I had a little laugh that I had let Calder kiss my zit, but figured I shouldn't have any guilt over it, since I didn't even know it existed at the time.

On Monday, Calder and I were sitting on the couch after supper and he once again pointed to my chin and said "owie".  Feeling rather enlightened, I said, "yes, Mommy has an owie."  This time, when he went to kiss it better, I quickly turned my head so he would kiss my lips rather that my recently popped zit. As soon as he realized he had missed, Calder when in for a second attempt.  Again, I turned my head and took one on the lips.  I did this for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th attempts as well.  On his 5th attempt he got mad, saying "NO".  After turning away again and getting another "NO",  I felt I had no other option, but to let him kiss my zit better.  Before bed, I popped the persistent little thing one more time and hoped for the best this morning.

Today, Calder was sitting on my lap after supper sharing a brownie with me.  He turned to me and not surprisingly, pointed to my chin and said "owie".  This time I wasn't going to fight it.  If he wanted to kiss my zit better, he was more than welcome.

He gave it a smooch and announced "better".

I wish it were that simple.


  1. Ahhh... what a sweet little boy! (Are you sure he's Hugh's?) lol


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