Things I hate

Maybe hate is too strong of a word.  I won't want Calder to say it, so let's say these are things I strongly dislike.

1.  People who were watering their lawn yesterday.

2.  When one lane of traffic is closed and cars zoom to the front of the line to merge, rather than merging in their place.

3.  Mosquitos.

4.  Vacuuming.  I would rather do the bathrooms any day.

5.  Getting up before 6 am.

6.  People who don't wear a belt with their jeans (this only includes the people whose waistlines I can see...if a shirt is covering the waistline, it's fine).

7.  When there are re-runs on of my favorite shows during the winter.

8.  Did I mention vacuuming?

9.  Running in 60 km/h winds.

10.  Students who make it their class goal to try and piss me off.

11.  Cars that drive 60 km/h on our crescent.  Next time, I may just throw my gardening tool at them.

12.  When I hop in the car and it doesn't start.

13.  Teenage girls wearing clothes that show way too much skin.  Short shorts only look good on Daisy Duke and boobs are only for the red carpet, not my classroom.

That list is long and I could go on, but Hugh is home and needs to work on his class.  Maybe I should try and make a list of loves next time!


  1. 14. People who drive slow in the fast lane.

  2. When people use the wrong "there" (#7)

  3. 15. People who drive slowly in the left lane on circle.

  4. Too bad you didn't leave a name, Anonymous, then I could thank you personally. I dislike that as well! Brutal! It has been fixed.

    Deena...that is exactly what Hugh said when I read the list!

  5. I've never understood the "don't let them say hate" thing. So I blogged about it.


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