Caesar Salad and Screaming

The last two days, Caesar Salad and screaming have been two of Calder's favorite things.

Caesar Salad

A few weeks ago, while Hugh and I were eating supper, Calder pointed to my salad and signed "more".  I gave him some thinking the taste of the dressing would cause him to make a hilarious face and we would get a laugh out of it.  NO SUCH LUCK.  He loved the dressing.  In fact, he sucked the dressing off the lettuce and then spit the lettuce out.  He then signed "more" and continued to suck the dressing off of a number of pieces of lettuce.  

This had been the pattern until yesterday.  He now DEVOURS the lettuce.  He doesn't like the hard white part on the romaine leaf, but any of the leafy green stuff covered in parmesan cheese and fat filled dressing, (We get the big bottle of full-fat goodness from Costco.  I figure if I am eating vegetables, I can have a few extra calories with them) and there is no stopping him.  Tonight for supper that is all he ate.  I couldn't force him to eat chicken and potatoes which he likes, or even asparagus, which he loves.


Calder has discovered that he can screech.  It is shrill.  It is high pitched.  It is SUPER annoying.  

He thinks it is SO funny.  

Kerri (my friend and Calder's daycare) and I aren't sure what to do about it.  Kerri's son Dylan is doing it as well.  Kerri tried to ignore and scold them both today and neither method worked.  At one point both boy screeched for 15 minutes straight.  Apparently, they were just feeding off one another. UGHHHH....  

I hate to even say this, but I guess we may just have to tolerate this phase until it ends!  This is not nearly as terrible for me as it is for Kerri.  One screaming boy does not compare to two!


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