Summer Tidbits

These are a few little notes I wrote down for a post that never got written. I don't want to lose them, so I thought they might as well be published!

Boone adores his run bike. No desire at all to learn to pedal a bike with training wheels.

Lawson loves to read a book and has started to learn that her sleep sack equals bedtime and isn’t impressed. Lawson also loves her babies (stuffed animals) and blanket. Boone also loves his babies and “baby” blanket as he calls it. Don’t call him a baby, though. He is a big boy.

Calder loves to pound nails and use the drill. He actually started to put together a book shelf for me at the cabin with 2 x 4s . 8 foot long ones. Needless to say, Hugh would really like to start a project with him when he doesn’t have pressing cabin work to do (a leaky roof takes priority). Calder has also talked about making a fort in the bush behind our cabin. I think this is a fabulous idea and hope he is still keen next spring.

We have some BBC Dinosaur movies at the lake that the boys absolutely love. Calder won’t watch a G rated cartoon movie, but a spinosaurus ripping out some plant eater’s throat, no problem.  Boone also enjoys playing with plastic dinosaurs. Calder wasn’t really into that (but he was and is in to dinosaurs), so it is neat to see. 


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