The biggest news in the our world in October was the snow. I heard on the radio that snow on my birthday (the 6th) happens once approximately every 100 years.
Midway through the month the snow was gone, but the early snow was certainly good motivation to swap out our fall gear for our winter stuff. 

The boys both wrapped up their swimming lessons at the start of the month and they both passed. We were a bit disappointed that they didn't get any skills checked off their next levels (as we thought they were capable of the skills. . . particularly Boone), but we will be registering them in their next levels regardless. 

We had a pretty eventful Thanksgiving. My brother fell through the attic of his cabin and broke 3 vertebrae (T11, T12, L1). He is completely fine, but it was certainly stressful and worrisome. The doctor told Luke that of all the possible outcomes he could think of after a man fell 16 feet, Luke's outcome was a best case scenario. We all felt very lucky. No one more so than his wife. (I can't imagine how scary it was for her being there to witness it). Although, our Thanksgiving meal was short a few people, it wasn't short of delicious food. My sister, Jes, and her husband, Nate, put the turkey in a brine the night before (which I would totally copy - so moist) and then to top that, wrapped the turkey in bacon to cook. We felt sorry for Luke and sent him a care basket. Just a quick note, Luke. . . . Anything less than a broken back probably won't warrant us sending you a bacon wrapped turkey care basket. Too delicious to share! ;-)

Lawson started potty training around the middle of the month. The process actually started as long ago as last spring. Mel, at daycare, started noticing when she was going #2 and would put her on the potty. Lawson had little hesitation and would poop in the potty. We continued this trend in the summer when we saw her going.  Mid-October, we started putting her on the potty and asking her to go pee before we left the house or before she got into the tub. She took to this quickly, so we knew it was time. Near the end of October most days are accident free, but she is still having a few accidents a week. This is quite a contrast to the boys, so we are adjusting. Lawson is almost a year younger compared to when the boys potty trained, but the boys had a combined total of about 6 accidents. Lawson has multiple accidents a week. We get that she is younger, so things are different, but it has been an adjustment and we have already wanted to quit! LOL  We are staying the course and hopefully in a few months we will be to that accident free stage!

Calder had his first hockey game and first tournament, which were so much fun to watch. At the start of the season Hugh thought Calder might be a natural defensemen, but the first tournament he is wondering if he is a centerman. The great news is that Hugh is coaching and his philosophy is that every player should get opportunities to play all positions (except goalie - he wouldn't make a athlete play there unless they didn't have enough volunteers). This means that Calder will get a chance to play all positions lots. I am curious to see what will happen! I have my fingers crossed for center. He is average size, so that's why I lean towards forward. Whatever he loves best will be great, of course! Calder has made a few nice passes and had some sweet goals. And most importantly, he is having fun. 

Halloween was a beautiful night. We had a house full of company, which Hugh and I hope never ends. 

 I swear Calder didn't throw Cruz to the ground. Calder definitely dropped him, but in his defense, Cruz walks, so he maybe just wasn't holding on tight enough. . . . . Regardless, I am glad that Brittany is easy going! Also kind of glad it was caught on camera. Sorry Cruz-bear.
There is something about Lawson's expression in the 2nd photo I just can't stop laughing about. Hugh said it looks like we completely jammed her in the costume. Too cute!

My staff dressed up as characters from Harry Potter. It was amazing. Everyone did a fabulous job. I am Professor McGonagall. She is the best!  Hugh's staff dressed up as emojis. And yes, someone did go as the pile of poop. What the heck are Hugh and Calder looking at in that picture?!?


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