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I have been busy checking things off my nesting list this week. I've also been able to get a visit in with some friends and spend some time with each of the boys. So far, so good! I will also note that I am feeling a lot better not being on my feet as much and being able to lie down during the day (Calder has school and Boone is going to daycare part-time).

I had an ultrasound and pre-natal appointment on Friday. Dr. M told me that things were looking good and that she thought I would make it a week, but didn't think I would make it the 3 weeks to my due date. I'm not sure if it was her words, or my own paranoia, but I was a little afraid this past weekend that I was having signs of labour. Okay. I was more than just a little afraid. I actually started crying on Saturday night when I thought I was in the beginning stages. I felt like I was getting ripped off not having one day to myself!  Needless to say, I did not go into labour and have since settled with the fact that I don't get to choose when this baby arrives, so I don't need to get in a big huff about it. Much easier to be settled on that fact now that I have had a couple days at home to relax! That being said, Hugh keeps telling me to pack a suitcase and I haven't even pulled one out yet (I am 37.5 weeks). 
• • •
Calder is not a huge fan of going to school (his main complaint is that the days are too long), so this week has been quite challenging for him. It is hard to hop on the bus when I'm not heading out the door, too. Boone has been home with me a bit as well, so that also hasn't helped. In the spirit of doing some fun things before baby #4 arrives, Calder and I are going to drop Boone off at daycare on Friday morning and go out for breakfast before school. I am then dropping him off at school (which is a big deal to him) and I also said I would pick him up (which I have done all week).  I am really excited for our date! Hugh and I always talk about doing things one-on-one with the boys, but don't do as well as we would like planning these kinds of things! Hugh and Calder are also going to have some alone time when they hit a Blades' game next week (vs Spokane - Hugh's old stomping ground . . . Boone and I might crash for a period. Hugh and I just can't resist because Boone LOVES gockey so much and his Spokane Chief's jersey) and then Hugh and Calder will do the Monster Trucks that weekend. I guess we are on the ball this month!
• • •
Boone LOVES reading. Like seriously loves it. Whenever he goes into his room, he immediately pulls a book off of his shelf and starts reading it. He is also quick to find a book when he is "bored". He often has a current favourite and this week it is a nursery rhyme book my Grandma Fritshaw bought. Earlier this week I had quite the giggle when we were on this page:
Boone pointed to the old man on the right and exclaimed, "Santa!" He then looked to the page on the left and said something. I was pretty sure I heard it right, but wanted to make sure, so I asked him what he said. As clear as day, he pointed to Humpty and exclaimed, "Daddy!" He has since done it twice more. Probably doesn't help that I laugh uncontrollably when he says it ;-)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Good for you guys and the spending time with your kiddos! Making me feel guilty about sending Bee to daycare full time still! But... like you, I have things I need to get done! I was sooooo bummed when I lost the ability to move on Sunday (because I pushed too hard the days before. Whoops.:))

    Now if this never-ending cold would take off....

    then I'd pack my bag. Let me know when you've packed yours and maybe that'll get me inspired...? I made a list of WHAT to pack... does that count? :)

  2. Hahahaha! Yes. The list counts. I told Hugh that we don't need a suitcase because the list is ready!

    Don't feel bad about sending Bee! You need rest - how will you get rid of that cold if you don't!


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