False Alarm

I thought I was in labour late Saturday night. Like seriously thought it. I was pumped it was starting, because that meant this pregnancy would be over, but upset because I really, really, really want to go into labour during the day. I was so convinced I was in labour that I actually started rounding up things in the middle of the night to pack in my suitcase. Remember, I haven't packed one yet! I knew Hugh would be good at gathering most of the stuff on my list, but nursing tank and flip flops could be stumpers for him.

Obviously, I wasn't in labour. If I had been this would be a post about baby #4 and not titled "false alarm". In my defence I was experiencing EXACTLY what I experienced for my first couple hours with Boone's labour. Turns out there must be a flu going around with the exact same symptoms. Hooray for me. Because of the flu I felt crappy on Sunday and to top it all off, I was upset I didn't have a baby. I am 38 weeks today. Boone came 9 days late. My doctor said all signs point to labour starting sooner rather than later, but we everyday we get closer to later.  I am getting a bit on the down side about this! Can you tell? LOL

I am trying to look at the bright side today. I had time to start putting together my 2014 photo album and I also began getting caught up on my home video making. Both these things will be put on the back burner when I do have a baby at home. I also have fit in a couple of dates this week with friends and family. These are all good things. The part that sucks right now about this point in my pregnancy is that it is really hard to look after Calder and Boone on my own. I could, I guess, but I feel so physically crappy these days and looking after them puts a serious strain on my body. This part makes me sad. I send them to daycare part-time (where I know they love it), while I stay home and rest. Obviously, rest is great for baby #4, but I still miss #1 and #3. Damn mama guilt can hit the road.

My goal this week is to push the thinking about going into labour thoughts out of my brain the minute they enter and instead to tell myself that the baby isn't coming this week. Hopefully this way I can enjoy the time I have rather than have a cloud of "no labour" making every day gloomy!

Wish me luck ;-) Happy Monday!


  1. I'm just going to start sending poeple to your blog for updates on my live, m'kay? ;)

    For Brynlee, I was so so so sure I was going to be wayyyy overdue. This one, I'm more excited to get the show on the road. GUARANTEED this one holds on as tight as can be... :)

    And don't feel guilty, because then I have permission to feel guilty too. :/ It's just too hard- and I only have ONE!

  2. I will help you think happy thoughts over our mutual love of hotdogs on Wednesday.

  3. Good luck! I hope that your little one doesn't keep you waiting too much longer :)

  4. Oh man, I got the flu when I was 38 wks pregnant too! Then I thought I was going into labour, but my doctor said you contract more when you're dehydrated. Great. Well anyways, it was nice to be healthy for when I did go into labour! Cheers!


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