New things Calder is doing.

1.  Jumping.  Well, he is attempting to jump.  Mostly he is just squatting down and extending his legs really quickly, without his feet leaving the floor.

2.  Making train and semi horn noises.  The honking noise is a tad bit high pitched for a semi horn, but he does the arm pump to go with it, so there is no mistaking it.

3.  Trying to say please when he signs it.  He is have a bit of trouble connecting the "s" sounds to words.  We get a lot of pointing and the word "emi" when we are driving!

4.  Crashing cars into one another, head on.  He loves this and I am proud to say I taught him how!

5.  Passing gas on the toilet. LOL.  He won't go, but he will grunt out a couple of farts!

6.  Kicking a ball.  He has only wiped doing this a couple of times.


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