Corn Maze

On Saturday, Hugh, Calder, and I headed out to the Corn Maze at Rosthern.

The picture below took a significant amount of work to get organized.  The four month pregnant lady had to scale the bale.  This was by far the easy part of the work.  The hard part, surprisingly, was getting Calder up.

Hugh.  Six foot two inch Hugh, should have been able to hoist Calder up with no effort.  But for some reason, he decided he should put Calder on the bale 10 feet to my right.  I had to let him know that we couldn't let Calder "fend for himself" on a bale.   With Hugh's arms extended and Calder in them, Hugh began shimmying along the edge of the bale toward me.  According to Hugh's account later, he then tripped on a piece of wood and then followed that with slipping on it.  This lead him to a slow motion fall along the edge of the bale to his back on the ground, all the while with arms extended and Calder in them.

I meanwhile, had the best view at the farm!  I looked around as Hugh recovered on the ground and no one else seemed to have noticed (unfortunately, because it was SO funny).  Hugh did a great job falling as Calder was unscratched.  The fall was so slow, Calder didn't even get scared.  He just looked at Hugh as if to say "why am I on the ground"!

Here is the evidence of the fall.  Hugh's straw covered back.  Although Calder didn't get scratched, Hugh unfortunately can not say the same thing!

The best part of the petting zoo was climbing the fences.  He only fell once (on Hugh's watch, I may add).

Happy Thanksgiving.


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