Calder has been at my Mom and Dad's since Sunday night.  I have a TON of planning to do for school and wanted to get it done and off my mind.  It worked out perfect this week for Calder to be in Tisdale.  My Mom is on holidays and my Grandma E is out from Burnaby.  It sounds like they are having a great time with him.

Calder has really started to climb on things.  Yes, it is now official.  I have a climber.  For instance, he will now climb in and out of his booster seat at the table, teetering on the edge as he gets down, just taunting you to get up and remove him.  Once you get him down, he promptly climbs back up and begins to teeter again.  I finally resolved to let him fall if he falls.  He hasn't fallen.  He is a monkey, apparently.

Mom and Grandma are bringing him back to us tomorrow.  Although, sleeping in and eating whenever we want have been marvelous, not to mention leaving our house after supper, Hugh and I have mostly been sitting around, bored, twiddling our thumbs wondering what our little man is up to!


  1. Makes you wonder what you did with all your time before you had a child, doesn't it?

  2. Totally! Hugh and I laughed about how we thought we were "so busy" before we had him! We had no clue!


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