Five Years from Now

Hugh and I had a preview of what is in store for us in the upcoming years.  Our 6 year old, future niece, Madison, spent the evening with us making and icing sugar cookies.

Madison was enthusiastic and super excited to cut the cookies out on her own and ice them in her own creative way.  As she began cutting, she told us of her "chubby cheeks".  Needless to say, Hugh and I were utterly confused.  The only "chubby cheeks" we know, are part of Calder's face.

After asking for more clarification, we learned that her "chubby cheeks" were all of her cute, funny friends.  Madison decided to cut all the cookies into butterflies and ice them the exact same, elaborate, way for the "chubby cheeks."  These cookies were ONLY for members of the chubby cheeks.  When she started cutting some of the flower cookies out, I asked her who they were for.  Madison told us "the tubby teeks".  I had to know who the "tubby teeks" were and I was told that they are friends of the "chubby cheeks."  Obviously!

Not only did Hugh and I learn of the extensive life of a 6 year old, we also learned that:

  1. Plastic sheets will come in handy for the table and floors during a project.  Even Cleo, our dog, can't get every spec of icing and sparkles.  (And God only knows that I hate cleaning my floors.)
  2. Some sort of craft shirt needs to be worn. Blue food coloring doesn't always come out of cute pink dresses.
  3. Baths are an absolute must after any messy craft.  We just need to get rid of the white bath mat and towels.  Transfer is inevitable.
  4. Take pictures of these fun activities!  We forgot, but here is a shot of Madison and Calder from Christmas.
          What is more fun that gifts?  TISSUE PAPER!


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