Chatting with Calder

I have done a lot of reading on having a baby. In almost every article or book I have set my hands on, there has been mention of talking to your baby.  And when I say talking, I mean all the time.  I have tried to do this.  I have done everything from explaining things to Calder as I cook or clean, to singing songs, to making funny noises to make him laugh.  All of this is home.  

I found it very hard, at first, to describe things to Calder when we were in the grocery store or doctor's office.  Quite frankly, I was embarrassed to do it out in public.  Over time, this embarrassment has gone by the way side.

Today, it dawned on me in the grocery store that I have went past "explaining things to Calder", to talking to myself.  Funny how things change, because even as I realised this, I felt no embarrassment and continued to talk to "Calder".  


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