It never ceases to amaze me how well Boone and Lawson play together. They are turning out to be quite the buddies. Here our babysitter had brought over a craft for them to do while we were somewhere with Calder. I am writing this in June and can't seem to remember where we were! Lawson was so hilarious with hers. She needed to see the colored side so always pushed it against her face with the non-colored side out!

Calder finished piano for the year with his last recital. He did the Pink Panther theme song. He worked so hard at the end to get it right and he rocked it. Calder loved playing piano and although getting him to practice was sometimes as bad as getting him to brush his hair, he was adamant that he get to do it again next year. 

We had some friends over for a BBQ. It was a fabulous time and I wish I would have taken more pictures than the one above. We were having a later supper around 6:30 pm and Boone was acting like a moron at the table. After more warnings than he deserved, Hugh sent him to time out. Twenty minutes later, Hugh went into Lawson's room to grab something and came out to find this. Apparently, we had forgotten about Boone. We slipped him into bed and he slept through the morning.

The Fritshaw kids were able to make a couple after supper play dates in the park. Venture Heights school has a great playground that is easily accessible for the little ones. It was great for Luke, Jes and I to visit, but even more fun for the cousins to get together.

Please tell me you noticed what is happening in the background of that first picture. 

In case you missed it. 

We had some seriously fabulous weather in May. We had Sunday morning coffee earlier in the month at Britt and Luke's. It was so hot and sunny,  that Luke brought out some hats. This is one Luke scammed from Grandma. It was my Grandpa Fritshaw's. This will go down as one of my favorite pictures of Calder this entire year. 

Remember that time Jordan got Calder kicked out of Catholic school? Yep. If it was going to happen, this was it. Calder brought home a package to discuss with us. It was about marriage and having children and at the bottom of each page there was a spot to write what we had discussed with Calder. There were so many great things about this package and the main one was that it opened up a honest, meaningful conversation with Calder.

Now back to the part where Calder is getting kicked out of Catholic School. The first page talked about when a man and woman love each other they get married. When I first read this, I may have had steam coming out of my ears. Hugh and I were able to open up a discussion about how men can marry men and woman can marry woman and at the bottom of the page we wrote it all down, including the fact that God loves everyone.
Calder drew this picture of the baby in the womb and was adamant I send it to Auntie Jes so she could see what it looked like, as she currently has a baby in her belly.

Calder had a bit of a mishap at hockey in May. With the help of a couple of teammates he was trying to lift the net off the bench onto the ice and it got dropped on his finger. It was in rough shape for a while and because of how referrals work, he almost wore that thing for a month. Luckily, the original doctor said he could play hockey so he didn't have to miss out on his spring tournament in Edmonton. The day after Calder crushed his finger, Boone crushed his with a paving stone in our backyard. We took Boone for an x-ray after a few days because it was so swollen, but thankfully it wasn't broken either!


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