We didn't get to a great start to our birthday party season this year. At the end of February we had to cancel Lawson's because she was puking the day before the scheduled event. Lucky we put the call out early, because at almost the exact time her party was scheduled to start the next day, Boone started puking. When we had to cancel Lawson's party, we asked Boone if he would mind sharing his and our sweet boy immediately chirped up "Sure!"

Two Saturdays later it was Calder's party. Unfortunately, he woke up and puked. Although Hugh and I weren't optimistic about how he was feeling, Calder did eat breakfast. We told Calder about the possibility of having a to cancel his party, just to plant the seed. Calder responded,  "I just won't eat any cupcakes at mine and then I won't puke."  He promptly puke again. Party off.

We told Calder he could share with Boone and Lawson the next weekend, but Calder wasn't too keen on that. When we told him the next free weekend was in April, he quickly changed his tune. Fortunately, the weather forecast meant that Hugh could get the rink back up and running for Calder's party.

When the kids were all born so close together, Hugh and I promised each other they would ALWAYS have their own special day and party. Please note we hadn't anticipated pukefest 2017.

It was a CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY party. So many people, so much activity. It was great, but I basically didn't take a single picture. Also, I learned never to clean my house before a party. No point. At. All. I cleaned my house twice unnecessarily when the parties didn't happen and the third time there were too many people to even notice that I had picked up all the toys and wiped down the cupboards!
Cleo knocked Lawson's supper plate off the table near the end of the month. It was full of food because she refused to eat it. I had been saving it in case she was hungry before bed. When she saw Cleo eating it she burst into full out meltdown mode. She didn't want to eat her supper, but apparently she didn't want Cleo to eat it either!

We went to a couple of playoff hockey games to watch one of our favorite PeeWee players. The Marauders lost the 2nd game, but man was it exciting to watch. We need to make more of an effort to get out to other team's games. What is more fun than watching kids you know play?  The answer to that is NOTING. Sport is the best!
We had parent teacher interviews at the end of the month. I had a couple interesting ones. One parent was hot at her kid for his inappropriate behavior (like I mean REALLY hot) and the other parent accused me of  telling her student I wouldn't help her. Sigh. These kind of interviews do happen once in a while. I guess I was due! The rest were great, though. I really appreciate the time to get to talk to parents and my students. The opportunity to just chat allows me to learn more about my students and connect with them in a way I don't always have the time to do in the classroom.  We also had Calder's parent teacher interview. I wanted to know his percentage grades. Those letters (beginning to meet, meeting, exceeding) are way too vague for me. We joked with Madam about my high school need for grades, but she did give us some numbers and helped me understand better exactly where Calder was at. The best part of Calder's report card and interview were when we learned that Calder had been improving his neatness which was something that he had been asked to do at the last reporting period.

We had a steak night for Calder's spring team the last Friday of the month. It was fabulous and I can't take any of the credit. Hugh and I did our part at the event by purchasing some raffle tickets. I wish I had some pictures because you wouldn't believe the stuff that was there. There were over 50 prizes and I would estimate the average value of each was over $100. Hugh and I won 3. Yep. You read that right. We cleaned up.

The prize everyone was talking about contained a night at the Travelodge in the Jacuzzi suite, some luggage, $100 worth of Keg gift cards and a package from Lover's Only. Remember that part where Hugh and I won 3 prizes. You guessed it, we won the vibrator and lube package. I am quite certain we will never hear the end of it from the other parents!

Shortly after our win, Boone was asking us what healthy food was. I actually got a bit flustered wondering how I was going to explain something I "just know". I quickly realized that I know the 'why' of healthy food, so began explaining to Boone about vitamins, minerals, and protein. Calder helped me make a list of examples of healthy food for him as well. It was a serious win. Boone learned some stuff and I learned how much Calder knows about healthy food. Five minutes later I was getting Lawson dressed  for the day and Boone came barreling into her room dragging the new luggage we won at the steak night. Before I could even register what he was doing, he flipped it open and started riffling through the prizes we had won. (I had failed to unpack it from the weekend.) Just as I glanced up to tell him to stop snooping he presented me with the box containing the lube and asked, "Is this healthy, Mom?". OMG. Pretty sure I turned bright red. When I told him, "Nevermind", he asked me if it was toothpaste.

We can't wait to start bike riding, rollerblading, baseballing and road hockeying in April!  Have a lovely day!


  1. OMG, not funny but so funny. I do hope that "pukefest" doesn't become an annual event around the house. Happy belated birthday to all the kids!

    I feel your pain on the birthday thing. I know I was impatient and just wanted to be pregnant but having a baby right before xmas, then Christmas, then the other kid right after, mix in 5 other family birthdays between Nov.-Feb., bad idea.

  2. Oh No sounds like you had some messy birthday’s this year. I never realized kids puke so much. I’ve always heard stories but this post is intriguing in a weird kind of way. I love the idea of combining parties. I can’t believe you guys won the vibrator and lube, lol.


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