Happy 40th Hugh

We spent Hugh's birthday weekend doing one of the things he absolutely loves the most. . . Coaching.! Calder had his one out of town tourney last weekend in Regina. Hugh also loves a road trip with his family, so it set the stage for a great weekend.

Hugh will tell you he had a little too much fun in the wee hours of his birthday, but what the heck, I guess you only turn 40 once. Hugh will also tell you he has a great coaching staff and wife after the following day!

I truly feel blessed that Hugh is my partner. He is kind, considerate, smart, and loving. Hugh always looks for ways to take care of the kids and I. Honestly, I can't think of a better father to my kids. He has so much fun with them while still giving the structure and boundaries that all kids crave. I heart this man. Beard and all.

Happy 40th, Babe.

Funny facts about Hugh's beard. . . . Because I know you can't live without knowing these.

  1. His beard is so long that he runs a comb through it. Hugh likely hasn't used a comb in almost 10 years prior to this!
  2. There are frequently clumps of my hair caught in it. We vacuum, seriously!
  3. There is no end in sight. I think Hugh is actually accepted a challenge from himself to see how long he can grow it.
  4. I like how it looks, but I hate that he has to clip his hair now. It makes such a mess and Hugh has a lot of strengths, but cleaning up hair from around the sink is not one of them. 
  5. I can't think of a 5th, but it felt weird to leave it at 4.  


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