Well, it is abundantly clear that I haven't been able to balance things well enough in my life to make room for writing. The summer came and went and any plans I had for more writing were gone. I am not regretful of that. I spent lots of great time with Hugh, the kids, and our extended family and friends. I actually have a post started about our time at the lake, but no guarantees that it will get published. 

In the fall, I wanted to get back into a writing routine, but it always seemed like something else was in the way, or I was too tired to do it at the end of the day. I had Parent Teacher Interviews last night and part of our morning without students today is scheduled for personal wellness. I had full intention of starting a new math 9 unit for a couple of reasons. The first being I am now teaching Math 9 second semester which I hadn't planned on, so there is some serious work involved in getting it ready. The second reason is that I THOROUGHLY enjoy planning. I know. Math. Teacher. Geek.

When I got to school this morning there were numerous emails in my inbox. . . Invitations to play board games, sports in the gym and color. I liked the idea of volleyball in the gym, but didn't bring shoes, so I began to think of what would make me feel good and I immediately thought of writing. In fact, for my birthday I actually asked Hugh for a day at home by myself. All I wanted was time to write, create videos and organize photos. This stuff fills my bucket. I hate that I don't make more time for it. . . . But hating that I don't make time, only makes it worse.

I am seeing Deena tonight. I haven't even read her blog in probably 6 weeks. When I read her blog I feel bad I'm not writing my own :-(.  I need to pick Deena's brain on how she does it all. My bar won't be where Deena's is, but I need to lift mine higher for my own personal well being.

Here is the thing, though. I really like my life. I love the time spent organizing our lives and getting the kids to and from activities. I also love my down time in the evenings at home vegging in front of the t.v. What I really need are a few extra hours in the day where I'm not exhausted to sit at my computer. Actually, not even a few. I would take 1/2 an hour. When I write that it seems like that should be a doable thing. Even a couple evenings a week. . . .

Here goes.


  1. didn't pick my brain!! Shucks, I guess we'll just have to book another date!

  2. Oh, the elusive balance. I have pretty much given up on trying to make my life balanced. I was more stressed out, and pissed off, chasing it all the time and never quite getting there, or finally getting it and quickly loosing it. It sounds like writing gives you a sense of piece though so I do hope you find time in your busy week to get in a few hours here and there.

    Great birthday present by the way. I always feel guilty saying it out loud but I too cherish my days alone. :)


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