All of Hugh's hockey buddies call him "Hammy".

Hugh has been calling Calder "Ham" for a long time. I can't even remember when it started.

Calder started calling Boone "Bean" when he first came home from the hospital. That evolved into "Boone Dog", "The Dog", and just simply, "Dog".  Boone is not a fan of nicknames. Often after we use one of his he will say, "I not Da Dog, I just Boone." Hilarious.

Boone has called Lawson "Dawsie" from about month two. (He called her "baby" for the first two months.) Last week Boone called her Lawson for the first time ever. It took a long time for him to put the "L" on Lawson. He would repeat after us "La La La La, Dawsie". He has said "Lawson" twice since the momentous occasion last week, but I think he got too much attention for using it and has moved back to "Dawsie". "Dawsie" likely isn't going anywhere as many other people in Lawson's life affectionately call her that.

I also call all the kids by their initial, "C", "B", and "L" on occasion. Boone gets less "B" and more "Boone Bear".

As for me, I had a few friends at university who called me "Fritsy". My brother, Luke, wasn't overly impressed as this was his nickname (and he had the license plates to prove it). Hugh started calling me "Jord" not long after we got together. Luke and Hugh's brother, Billy, also call me "Jord", so I would say this is my nickname, but they are the only three who call me that. My Grandpa Fritshaw often called me "Jordy". I always loved that he called me something special, so I feel like Hugh, Luke, and Billy is an extension of this.

Last week I was asking Boone to go upstairs and get dressed before he pulled the mega blocks out. He looked me straight in the eye, put his hand to his forehead, and announced "Aye, Aye, Captain". Since then he has used this phrase a number of times. I have yet to figure out where he picked it. Yesterday Boone told me that "Captain" is my nickname.  I'll take it.


  1. When Cooper was born Grady called him Tooper for years. I was actually sad when he stopped.

  2. Captain is an excellent nickname! I want my kids to call me Capt'n! :)

  3. I feel like Captain for any mother is a perfect nickname. :)


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