Sleeping Arrangements

Two weeks ago I woke up to a door closing. Hugh had fallen asleep on the couch so I did a listen to see if it was him. My ears perked up immediately as I heard Boone's voice. I crawled out of bed and slowly opened Boone's door. He was standing just inside the door. His sleep sac had been pulled off and left in his crib. I asked him what was going on and he said, "I go pee. YOU GO. I go bed self."  He then closed the door in my face. I wearily crept back to my room and slunk down into bed. I looked at the clock. It was 1 am. . . 1 AM. I woke up a bit as it dawned on me that I had let my 2 year old climb back into his crib and put himself to bed in the middle of the night. At this point I got out of bed with a bit more purpose. As I opened the door to his room he was already back in his crib, laying down. Boone and I then had a battle to get the sleep sac back on. I won. Boone is good like that if he has options. When he didn't agree off the hop I told him shirt or sleep sac (he was just wearing bottoms). He picked shirt. I then told him sleep sac or blanket. He picked sleep sac. Game, Set, Match.

The next morning, I admitted to Hugh that it was time for Boone to move in with Calder to a big boy bed. Hugh had been wanting this move for months, but I was reluctant. Boone goes to bed terribly at night. It is no big deal to put him in his crib, but he can party for up to two hours before finally drifting off. I just didn't picture sharing a space with Calder-who-needs-more-sleep-than-any-6-year-old-alive going down well. In fact, at the start of the summer we let the boys share a double bed at the lake. Five minutes in Calder called for help when Boone was jumping on his head. We then put Boone is his playpen. Eight minutes later, Calder came sleepily out saying Boone wouldn't stop talking and Calder really wanted to go to sleep!

Climbing out of the crib and going to the bathroom unassisted was a clear sign that the crib days were over for Boone. That night we moved the crib mattress onto the floor in Calder's room, replacing the playpen where Lawson had been sleeping since she was 4 months. We moved Lawson's playpen into the nursery until a mattress for Boone could be purchased. There have been some battles in the two weeks since, but Hugh has been taking them on for the most part. It has also come to Hugh's attention that Boone doesn't like his stuffies to be put in time-out, so armed with that knowledge we have had a couple nights where Boone has only come out a couple of times. Calder still complains that Boone won't be quiet, but we are hopeful that Calder can learn to ignore him!

Lawson had her first night EVER in a crib last Friday. I found this a bit comical since she is 8.5 months. She did smashingly!

Happy Tuesday!

Oh and a side note we have a Gro-Clock we used with Calder that Boone now uses. It is totally worth the price tag for early risers who can't tell time yet. Boone is learning he can't get out of bed until the "sun" comes up. It is set to come up at 6 am, so we are hopeful that we will have less 5 am wake-ups in the coming months.


  1. I am an advocate for the Groclock as well. We had 2 different versions but they are all essentially the same. Not Grady is trained to not get up until the 7s on his clock. I don't care what he does, just don't wake us up! He is our early riser...

  2. Oh, Boone. That kids cracks me up.

  3. what a smart little guy!! glad the bed transitions seem to be going well

  4. I can't wait until we can put 7 am on the clock, Christy. I agree. I don't care what they do, but don't wake me up!


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