Shark Teeth

Calder has had a loose tooth for almost 2 months. It was so resistant to come out that his permanent tooth starting coming up behind the baby one. It looked hilarious. My sister, Jes, started calling him “shark teeth”, since sharks have two rows of teeth.

In the end the tooth basically fell out randomly into his hand near the end of July. Calder’s exact description, “I put my fingers on it and pulled it the tiniest bit and it popped out!”

Calder didn’t want the Tooth Fairy to take his tooth. Sigh. So we told him to say it out loud when he put his tooth under his pillow and he was glad to see in the morning that the Tooth Fairy had delivered a toonie and left his tooth. I thought that Calder would be more excited about the Tooth Fairy coming. I had actually thought he might have a reaction closer to Easter or birthday excitement, but he was very calm and straight faced about the whole thing!

Calder doesn’t even have the gap toothed grin. His permanent tooth is basically as tall as the baby he lost!

This is not an outtake. I took 5 shots and this was the best face out of all of them. In the few weeks since he lost his tooth Calder's permanent tooth has already pushed forward to fill the gap!


  1. Reid also has two "shark teeth" on the bottom. His baby ones just don't want to leave! He's money hungry and I'm sure he'll be thrilled when the tooth fairy comes! Lol


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