Regular Tuesday

Today was my first day with all three kids at home. It actually went relatively smoothly (Lawson napped like crap, though). Hugh had a meeting tonight, so I even did bedtime alone. I had been really nervous to have all three on my own. I was scared I wouldn't be able to manage it all. I knew in my head that it was silly, but I still felt apprehension. I'm glad today is over. I am tired, but satisfied. I not only survived three kids, I have a reasonably clean house as I type this. (Not that a tidy house is an indicator of good parenting. . . Just shows me that I had it enough together to help the kids tidy up their toys and enough energy left to wipe my counters down!)

Today was a victory.

If you want to read about more of my victories (and failures), head over to Deena's blog. She is doing her Mommy Diaries again and I am up today!


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