For some reason, we have more recycling that we know what to do with.  We pay for Curb-Side (they come and pick up all your recycling, plastic included) and in spite of this, yesterday, Hugh and I took 3 large bins of cardboard and paper to the big recycling bins.

I can't get over how much packaging comes on things.  Calder likes Baby Mum Mum's (rice crackers).  They are individually wrapped, then all grouped together in a plastic bag, which is in a box.  Old Dutch is time to get rid of your boxed unnecessary (also time for Hugh to stop purchasing the ketchup variety, because they are not more ketchupy than the regular bag).  Most of our purchases from Costco come extensively wrapped as well, and since we shop there at least once a week, the cardboard and plastic add up.

Hugh and I talked about making a more conscious effort to purchase things with less packaging.  The problem becomes that a lot of the foods we purchase with excessive packaging are convenience foods, like the pre-cut veggies from Costco.  We could buy a variety of veggies and cut them ourselves, but neither of us wants to take the time to do that.  As well, some of our non-food purchases come with more packaging because we buy in bulk (again Costco).  These are cheaper, so we would have to spend more money to get less packaging.   

I have some more thinking to do with this topic.  I love that we are recycling and trying to our part, but it feels like we could be doing so much more.  I suppose it just depends on the kinds of sacrifices we are willing to make.  


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