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I fell off the Style Challenge wagon these last few days. Partly because I didn't have white jeans clean and it was too cold for the maxi, but also because I basically didn't leave my pjs on the weekend (save my evening outing on Saturday, which I documented below). Don't get me wrong. I LOVED the challenge and will definitely be doing it again in the summer, but daily selfies do get a bit exhausting!

Day 17 - Denim Shirt, Stripped Tee, White Jeans, Sandals
I was white jeaned out on this day, so went with my black skinnies. I love this blazer (Vero Modo) and Tee (Vero Modo). Also loving the messy tuck! I normally wear this blazer and shoes with the same grey striped tee and grey jeans. When I find something that I like and that looks good, I go with it! This challenge has helped me step out of my box. And although a black stripped tee and black jeans might not seem like a big leap - it is for me! Ha!

Day 18 - White Tee, Cardigan, Boyfriend Jeans, Scarf, Sandals
This scarf (the Bay) really screams sunshine and lollipops. I wouldn't normally wear something so bright and colorful, so I thank Alison and the Style Challenge for that! The sweater (Gap), flats (Target), tee, (Gap) and jeans (American Eagle) are all things I have worn before in the challenge. I will also thank Alison for introducing me to a colored cardigan - and especially a boyfriend one (longer in length).

Day 19 - White Tee, White Jeans, Statement Necklace Sandals
White on white. Scary. Remember my jeans are tinted a bit blue, so for me it wasn't quite white on white! I needed the cardigan (Costco). My classroom is FREEZING these days. I wore the messy tuck to school, but I actually found I liked the shirt (Vero Modo) untucked when I took the pictures after work.

Because I only did one of the Style Challenge days, I thought I would add the outfit I wore to a comedy night on Saturday. We saw Kelly Taylor. You need to catch his act if you get the chance! I needed a sweater (Vero Modo - the Bay), because Saskatchewan has not gotten the memo and subsequently spring has not started. I went with a pop of color with the tank (Old Navy), because I wanted to wear my black and white shoes (Nine West). The jeans (American Eagle) are becoming my new favs. They are a bit acid wash looking and have a very high rise.

I will definitely be keeping everyone in the loop for the start of the Summer Style Challenge. I have loved it and would enjoy getting more of my friends, family, and readers involved.  Blogging about the outfits has been great, but I think the best part has been the Facebook group. It has been amazing to see so many different women wearing all of Alison's creations in so many different ways.

Make sure you check out my fellow bloggers' last posts on the style challenge, as well. And leave them some comments! We love hearing back from people who enjoy our posts.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Wow you did awesome with the white on white prompt. I didn't get dressed at all this weekend so I followed up with day 20 and 21 on Monday/Tuesday. I agree - I loved the challenge but ran out of a steam for the daily pictures and all by the end of it. A little break will be perfect before summer!

  2. the good news: it doesn't look like you fell of the wagon ;)
    You totally rock the all white!

  3. I love all your shoes! I ordered my white jeans and will follow all you ladies in wearing white! Great posts!

  4. So glad I met you through this challenge! As usual, you look great in all your outfits. I really like the white on white look (white on blue? :)

  5. OH my gosh Jordan, Love that last outfit! And the outfit with the blazer. You make me want to get a pair of black skinnies, like stat! So glad that we met through this challenge and we get to continue our journey together!

  6. The black and white shoes?!?! Totally LOVE them! And your scarf! These are awesome look fabulous!!

  7. Love Love Love the white on kinda white


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