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Back to work

I was officially back to work Wednesday (students come on Tuesday). That being said, I have done some work over the summer and actually headed back to my classroom full time last Monday. I am teaching one new course and one of my courses I haven't taught in a couple of years, so it needed some tweeking.

I always heard being a new teacher was being about survival. You would be crazy busy, but if you survived you were successful. Being a more experienced teacher (I'm in my 13th year) I feel almost exactly as busy, but survival is no longer the marker of success. As I have learned more about my craft, I want to do more things, so I can be better for students.

All the teachers out there can call me crazy, but I love prep! I love getting notes packages ready and creating assignments for students. I love brainstorming (by my introverted self :-) different things I can do in my class to help fill a gap I feel or the students tell me is present. I love sitting at my desk, alone in my …

Guest Posting On Love

Yesterday I had a guest post on my beautiful friend, Deena's, blog. She is running a great series on love and has had a number of contributors with honest, bring tears to your eyes, kind of posts. Definitely worth scanning back and reading if you haven't been following.

You can check my post out HERE.

Happy Wednesday!

The numbers

Calder's Due Date: March 31
Calder's Birth Date: March 8

Tripp's Due Date: March 21
Tripp's Birth Date: February 18

Boone's Due Date: March 5
Boone's Birth Date: March 14

Baby #4 Due Date: February 23
Baby #4 Birth Date: ? But you may want to ask Calder. . . He was 4 hours off predicting Boone's!

The first thing you will notice is the timeline. Hugh and I both believe that kids who have early birthdays have an advantage. Malcolm Gladwell talks about the advantage when it comes to playing in the NHL, but there is also something to be said for being one of the oldest and most mature in your grade. Hugh and I made a purposeful decision to start trying to get pregnant when we knew the date would give us a January baby. It is normal to take anywhere from 1 month to a year to conceive. We couldn't predict we would have a baby in the first three months and would have been happy with a baby born during any of the months. We wanted a baby more than anything.

I …

More on being pregnant

I haven't been around much lately. I have been feeling crappy. Pregnancy crappy. I am not a puker, but I basically felt like dirt for the last 2 months. I am slowly coming out of it, but feel like there is still a ways to go. In fact, I am fairly certain, I won't be out of the first trimester grossness when my treatments start next week. If you are new here (I do have a few new stylish friends!), go HERE to see what those are all about. You could also scroll down and look at the Neonatal Hemochromatosis and IVIG Treatment labels to read more. 

While pregnant with Boone I did treatments on Wednesday. This time I have chosen to do them on Thursdays. It is better for my students (we have this crazy Thursday schedule where I only see 1 or 2 of my 4 classes depending on the day) and I think it will be better for me. Thursdays and Fridays after my treatments were really exhausting. I think only having one day of work after them will be good. If you are wondering why I didn't pic…

Early morning photo shoot

All summer I have been hearing from people how much Boone looks like my dad. All I see is Hugh when I look at this one. Boone's eyes aren't closed . .  . They just look that way with his extra huge smile. This is EXACTLY what Hugh's eyes look like when he laughs!

Finally got one of Calder without the fake smile. This was the only one of the 53 I took. Man, he has that perfected. More on our big news soon!