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Volleyball has started for me.  I am coaching the Sr. girls team with another teacher.  We have practices at 6:30, so I have been missing my evenings with Calder.

The boys have lots of fun without me (which is great) and today they headed to the park after supper.  Hugh said the park was packed.  There were 3 or 4 parents and 7 or 8 kids.  Calder climbed out of the stroller with a huge smile on his face and went racing toward the swings.  He got most of the way there and stopped dead.  Squished his face up.  Grunted.  And let out the loudest, longest fart ever produced by an 18 month old child.

Hugh said it was a bit embarassing, but all of the parents had a good laugh.

I think Hugh deserves this embarrasing moment.  He is the one teaching Calder (with some assistance from my brother) that laughing at farts is the socially acceptable response.  I hope Calder continues to let them rip in public (but only when Hugh is looking after him).


There are little moments that I have with Calder that I wish I could put in a bottle and save for later.

When he gives me a kiss without being asked, or a cuddle before bed, or a wet hug when he's in the tub.

Quiet moments reading a book or loud moments playing with cars.

Pictures and videos can't quite capture the feeling of these moments and my memory is just not good enough.  I know in even a week, these moments may be forgotten.

So, I need a bottle for all the moments.  Or even better a Pensieve (if you haven't read Harry Potter, get on it).

Four Years

Yesterday was our 4 year wedding anniversary. Hugh and I were able to head out for lunch together yesterday as we had our division start-up downtown.   We walked around enjoying the 30 degree sunshine and finally settled on Ding Dongs a Vietnamese restaurant next to the mall.  We ordered spring rolls as an appetizer (Hugh was starving) and we each got a yummy noodle bowl.  When we were done, Hugh went down and ordered another order of spring rolls and a bowl of won ton soup.  He ate it all.  

Did I mention the soup was for 2?  

When our server brought the soup, Hugh commented what a big spoon it came with.  The server didn't understand what he was talking about as she put two bowls and two spoons on the table.  I was finally able to communicate to her, that the soup would only be eaten by Hugh and I was also able to communicate to Hugh that the big spoon that he was going to eat with was not a spoon at all.  It was the ladle.

I wanted to take advantage of being downtown by getting a…


I thought I would throw in a few shots of Calder and his cars.  He still loves them!  No surprise there.

Our trip started with a little help packing from Calder.  We got all of our stuff set out beside the suitcase (we couldn't put it in, as Calder was hiding out in the suitcase).  
We left him in the bedroom (major mistake) and headed to his room to grab his clothes.  When we came back into our room, not only had Calder packed our bag for us, he was unpacking it as well!

We spent a fun ride to the lake.  Even got to do a bit of dancing at a construction stop.  This is the only picture of me from the weekend.  Hugh really needs to learn how to use the camera!

Uncle Luke is always good for a bunch of laughs.  Here he is tipping Calder over and helping do a lower back workout.

One thing I love about being with my family is how everyone helps take care of Calder.  I felt like a village was raising my son this weekend and it was really, really great.

Ten Dollars Well Spent

This morning Calder and I made the 1/2 hour round trip to Osler to pick up some mini cars (or dinky cars as Hugh likes to call them).

Calder loves playing with cars.  He only has 6 or 8, so Hugh and I thought it might be time to invest in a few more.  Hugh remembers having dozens as a kid and I know my brother, Luke, had dozens as well.

I showed Calder the cars when we picked them up and he quickly hoarded 3 or 4 in his car seat.  When we got home I gathered them up and threw them in the sink to give them a quick scrub (they were very clean, but Calder put one in his mouth on the way home, so I thought it couldn't hurt!).

Calder was so excited.  He kept running back to the sink signing "more" and "please" and saying "more".  We worked on saying and signing "thank-you" as I washed and dried the 30 cars we had picked up.

He is currently stacking the cars on top of each other, loading them into a tub and pushing it around, climbing into the c…