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Church Update

We went to baptism class tonight and one of the couples went to mass this past Sunday (we opted out because Calder was napping).   According to them, mass was 1 hour 45 minutes.

With Easter and Baptism this Sunday at 11 am, I am thinking I better not only bring Calder's lunch, but his afternoon snack as well.


Helmet #2

Calder and I play the "I'm going to get you" game.  I say it, and he RUNS!  And giggles and runs and giggles.  It always brings a smile to his face.  

Today, I was unloading the van and he was standing on the driveway watching me as I set the groceries inside the door.  I started to walk toward him, because I was afraid he was going to take off.  Well, he did start to take off.  I didn't say "I'm going to get you", but he was definitely trying to get away.  He ran for 5 good strides and spilt face first.  

He gave a bit of a yelp and I ran over to pick him up.  As I lifted him off the ground I heard a gasp of breath.  This only means 1 thing.  In about 5 seconds, he will let out the most ear shattering scream most people have ever heard.  I know lots of kids scream and some might do it as well (loud and high pitched) as Calder, but NONE do it better!  He is a pro. But, I am also a pro.  In those 5 seconds, I managed to pick him up, wipe the gravel off his…


So my brother has started a blog!  He called me yesterday and is pretty excited about it.  He will be writing about his hockey teams playoff run.  (Hopefully, it's a long one!)

He is playing hockey in Rapid City, South Dakota for the Rush.  He LOVES it there.  Rapid City is right next to Mount Rushmore and is a huge tourist center in the summer.  This is Luke's 2nd season in the CHL with the Rush.  He is the captain, this year, and will be leading his team into their first post-season.

We visited Luke this Christmas.  It was so neat to be at Mount Rushmore during the winter.  We went on Christmas eve and were virtually by ourselves.  When we first arrived, we didn't see a soul.  It made me feel incredibly small being next to something so incredible.

Obviously, there is a lot more to Rapid City than Luke and Mount Rushmore, but not for us!
Feel free to check out his blog!


It has been a while.

It has been so long since I have been to church that I can't even give a date, or recall if the last time was a wedding or just a regular Sunday.  What I do know, is that I haven't attended church since BEFORE Calder was born. . . until today.

I have been wanting to attend mass for months, but finally got organized today.  The fact that Calder is getting baptized in 2 weeks was HUGE motivation, but I also hope, that a bit of motivation came from within, because it was just time.

There are many things I love about attending mass.  I love walking in and standing with my family and checking out people we know.  I love the singing and being able to sing along without being judged.  I love getting on my knees and praying when I arrive and after communion.  I enjoy knowing all the responses, because for some reason knowing them gives me a sense of belonging.  I love listening to the sermon and trying to relate it to my life and figuring out how I can use the l…

What I missed about teaching...

Students coming to talk to me in my classroom about things non-related to my classes.

Planning and organizing that can be done with only a desk, computer and photocopier.  This is opposed to planning and organizing with rubbermaid tubs, dishwashers and a wailing baby.

Catching student's texting.  They think they are SO sneaky.  They aren't.

Getting to know kids.  They are unique, quirky, and fun.

Supportive parents who do everything in their power to ensure their son/daughter acts accordingly when they are with me.

Catching a kid copying answers out of the back of the book, while I am standing at the front TEACHING exactly what he doesn't know!  This is almost as good as calling him on it in front of the class.  (He is a great kid and we all had a good laugh!)

Seeing a student reach out to a classmate, who they don't know, and including them in what they are doing.

Oh...and do I even need to mention math.  I missed MATH!  What could be better than factoring a few poly…


Today was my first day back at work.  It went great!  It was so nice to be welcomed back by colleagues.  One even left a note and some chocolates on my desk.  I also had some former students stop by and say hi.  I almost didn't recognize a few of the boys, as I don't think they have cut their hair since I left.

I really enjoyed my classes...for the most part. I have one really challenging group that I get every other day, last period of the day.  They are math 9's and for those of you who don't know, this is the most unproductive period of the day for these kids.  And I clearly hadn't looked at my class list very well, because as the students filed in, I began to notice the absence of girls.  Yes.  I have 34 boys and 2 girls in this class.  Eighteen boys and 18 girls is a challenge. I'm not sure what I would call 34 boys and 2 girls?

Calder did excellent with Kerri today.  Had two naps (1 hour 45 minutes each), ate quesadillas like a champ and played outside.