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Spencer West

Friday with my students we watched a video about Spencer West. He has an incredible story and will be speaking in Saskatoon on Tuesday, October 2 at Prairieland Park (Doors open at 6:00, entertainment starts at 6:30, and Spencer West is on at 7:00).
There is NO cost to attend this event. If you plan on attending you just need to reserve a seat at Picatic. All those in attendance are asked to bring a non-perishable food donation for the Saskatoon Food Bank.
The event is geared toward students in Grades 6 - 12, but I watched the video and there is no doubt in my mind that ANYONE would be inspired and empowered by West's story.

Kerri and Jordan Day

On Saturday my friend, Kerri, and I had a day to ourselves which we fittingly named, Kerri and Jordan Day. We were treated at Spa Ahava with facials and pedicures (I also snuck in a massage while Kerri did some shopping on Broadway). I spent the afternoon relaxing and being pampered in the company of a good friend. What could be better than that?

It was great to have the afternoon with Kerri. These days we don't get to visit as often as I'd like and when we do there are children around which makes any serious conversation hard to maintain. It was nice to have some uninterrupted time for ourselves. It was also nice to know we had all day. I never felt rushed to tell her something, I knew that eventually we would make our way to a plethora of topics.

Once our spa treatments were over we got ourselves dolled up and met a couple of friends, Deena and Michelle, for supper at The Upstairs Fondue (It is pricey, but completely delicious. The meal took forever - in a good way. There we…

Snap Back Day

Yesterday was Snap Back Day at school. Have no clue what that means? Neither did I.

Snap back is what the kids are calling ball hats that have the plastic snaps at the back. When I went to high school, those hats were just called hats. To accommodate those of us without snap backs, they said if you didn't have one you could wear any kind of hat. Not sure why they didn't just call it hat day.

I guess snap back sounds cooler. Not to mention makes teachers feel old!

How many kids do you have?

Today I had a meeting with a parent. She asked me, "How many kids do you have?" I still await the day when someone asks me, "How many children have you had?"

I remember the tears and angst this question caused me after Tripp first died. Although I don't well up with tears when I'm asked the question anymore, it still causes me angst. I ALWAYS hesitate, just for a brief moment when asked this question. I wish I could tell you that my "go-to" answer was two, but it's not. More often than not, after that hesitation, I say, "I have one. He's three and a half."

One is the easy answer. Two is the hard one. Two comes with awkward condolences and difficulties segueing back to "normal conversation." It makes me sad that I take the easy way out.

I can't find the post, but a while I read on still life with circles about how Angie doesn't always say she has 3. She sometimes says two and she says it to protect her daughter…

Sunday Night

My treatment follow-up:

The treatment still took 6 hours, but my headache was not as bad this time. And by not as bad I mean that I had one until Sunday afternoon, but it wasn't nearly as pounding as after my first treatment. The nurses said my body will adjust and mine seems to be, albeit slowly. I was absolutely exhausted last week. I slept for 2 hours on Wednesday afternoon (treatment day) and headed to bed at 8:30 that night. Thursday night I was in bed at 8:15 and Friday night I was in bed at 8:25. Saturday I was still so wiped (apparently 3 consecutive nights of 10 hours is just not enough right now) that when 10:30 am rolled around I asked Calder to tuck me in and headed off for an hour an a half nap.

I have so many things to write about, but quite frankly, I am just too exhausted!

I might have to change my writing routine. I am itching to get some things down, but evenings clearly aren't working for me.

With that being said, it is almost 8 pm. I need to head upstairs, …

Treatment #2

Today is my 2nd IVIG treatment. I am a bit nervous about the headaches, but I will pound water and hope for the best.

I have packed a huge bag of stuff. Last time I went the nurses kindly gave me a hard time about bringing so much stuff! The thing is, I used every single thing.

I am taking my phone and am hopeful that the Internet will cooperate - I am going to try and blog my day in iPhone pics. . . Here goes nothing!

Random Rambles

Can you wave at me if I let you merge into my lane when you come out of Tim Horton's? Myself, along with MANY other Martensville north enders, let cars merge when we creep by (traffic is horrid leaving the city in the morning and 20 - 30 cars are constantly waiting, backed up past Timmy Ho's ). It makes me feel good if you acknowledge my good deed, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. As well, don't muscle your big Ford in behind the car I allowed to merge. TAKE YOUR TURN, you big bully. 

Deena has been raving about Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte. They are as good as she is saying. I recommend getting them with 1/2 the sugar. They are sweet :-)

Tonight I was laying in bed with Calder saying goodnight and as his hand was laid on my belly we started talking about the baby. Calder told me that, "She will be able to sleep in my bed when she is bigger." I asked him if he thought it was going to be a girl, and he sternly replied, "No. …

My big event

I can't wait for this week to be over. Let me be more specific. I can't wait until the volleyball tournament I have organized is over!

All of us know that planning an event, whether it be a wedding, birthday party, or a dinner party, can be a daunting amount of work. And I know I am not the only one who has planned an event that I can't wait to end.

It's not that I won't enjoy the tournament (or the birthday party or family gathering). In fact, more often than not, these events are a fabulous time. There is just something about being responsible for everything going off with out a hitch that can be very nerve wracking.

I have a check list. I have checked things off. This is not my first rodeo volleyball tournament. But still, the anxiety about a smoothly run tournament is sitting at the back of my mind. I know that people are flexible and the likelyhood that anything "major" happening is extremely low, but I still can't stop thinking, Did I copy sco…

What I really, Really, REALLY want to do

These are the things I really, Really, REALLY want to do.

I want to finish my 2011 photo album (no that is not a typo, I mean 2011!), I want to catch up on all my video editing (I'm 6 months behind), I want to clean out a closet downstairs and re-organize the utility room, I want to put away all my summer clothes (because as much as I love my cute Costco skorts, it is way too cold to wear them, not to mention the fact that they are beginning to be a bit snug!), I want to overhaul Calder's toys and put away all those he doesn't use (last night he actually volunteered to give a whole bin of plastic Tonka trucks to the baby - even Calder is feeling the need to purge!), I want to write a thank-you card and send a baby gift, I want to get inspired and try to write inspiring things, and lastly, I want to call all the people in my life I have been meaning to call, but just haven't made the time.

And the time when I am most motivated to really, Really, REALLY do all of these…

Last Lake Weekend

We spent our last weekend at the cabin for the weekend. The weather was so nice. Fall really is growing on me.

I find the lake relaxing and peaceful - especially in September. It is incredibly quiet and serene. I can't wait for May :-)

Odds and Ends

I had my nap yesterday after my treatment. An hour and a half of bliss. Unfortunately, it didn't cure my headache. It is 8:12 pm on Thursday and I still have one. My hematologist said that the headaches from the treatment could last 2 to 3 days. Here's hoping mine is gone tomorrow morning. I hate taking Tylenol when I am pregnant, but I didn't have any choice at work today. I wouldn't have been able to function without it.
• • • We were getting ready for bed tonight and Hugh pointed out my belly to Calder. Calder's first words, "mine is bigger." Right now Calder is bigger and taller than anyone (including Hugh :-). Calder also is quick to point out he has more monster trucks, more toys, or more food on his plate than anyone. None of this is true (well, maybe the monster trucks - he is seriously spoiled and obsessed), but just so you know, Calder will try to one up you on ANYTHING!  I will definitely be getting a picture of our naked bellies together. It w…

First IVIG treatment

Today is my first IVIG treatment. I am heading to the hospital to check in at admitting for 7:30 am. My treatment will hopefully start on time at 8:00 am. I am nervous and anxious about having the treatment. I worry about how it will make me feel. I also worry if it will work. I am also excited for it at the same time. Once I get one treatment under my belt I won't have to be nervous or anxious about how I will feel or how long it will take. Today some of those unknowns will be answered and that is exciting.

I am taking my phone, iPad, and knitting (I took it up last night just to have something to do at my treatments!). I don't have a book on the go right now, so I am not taking one. I am a big reader, so this feels like a bit of an oversight, but I just don't have anything I am looking forward to reading. I have my iPad, so I can download anything I want at the hospital (I will take any suggestions!).

I am also taking a blanket. I read online that some women get cold dur…

I can't wait for day two

I have more to say about Neonatal Hemochromatosis, but tonight I am a bit under the weather and so I think I am going to save it for another night.

Tomorrow is my first day with students. I hate the first day.

Yes, there are bright-eyed students (it isn't hard to get up for 1 day), there is excitement as friends see each other for the first time in a while, and maybe the best part - it is full of new beginnings. New classes, new teachers, and maybe even some new friends.

Okay. Maybe I don't hate it.

What I do hate is course outlines and repeating the same expectations and protocol to all four of my classes. It is SO boring, but absolutely necessary. I also hate talking for an entire period - because I am one of those teachers - I start my classes on the first day with a lesson. There aren't enough days to get the curriculum done in the way I think it deserves, so I can't bare to waste even one. And if I am being entirely honest, I don't sleep very well the night be…

Neonatal Hemochromatosis

So, I'm pregnant. Here are the details.

I am due March 5 (Calder's birthday is March 8 - the first words out of Hugh's mouth when he heard the date were, "I don't care how much work it is, our kids will NEVER have a joint birthday party." I quickly concurred. I would NEVER want to share my birthday with anyone else!)We will not be finding out the sex of this baby. We loved that the other two were a surprise and are looking forward to this one as well.I felt like crap for the first trimester. I am not a puker - just serious hangover gut. I am feeling WAY better now. This pregnancy, so far, feels EXACTLY like the other two.I will be 14 weeks on Wednesday. Wednesday is the first day of my treatments. Last week Kelly Hampton over at Enjoying The Small Things talked about how some things in her life don't show up on her blog, that instead they go into a private folder. The last year and a half I have put numerous things about Tripp in a private folder (I actual…