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Looking back at My Happiness Project

I pulled out my copy of The Happiness Project yesterday. I wanted to start reading it again. I flipped to a couple of pages I had dog eared and began scanning. I recalled a lot of what I was reading, but wanted a chance to put it into practice again. What I saw at a quick glance was all so good and applicable to my life that I had a brilliant idea to head back to my original blog post from 3 years ago. It took some effort to find it. I didn't label my posts back then (add going back and adding them to my to-do list), but HERE it is.

Tripp had been gone for 3 months when I started my own Happiness Project. Looking back I can't even fathom how I was even functioning let alone working towards being happier. As I type this my throat is closing up and tears are forming. I don't even like to recall the sadness I was feeling those days. It is still so sad that I very, very rarely every let myself go back to those early days. . . So I'm not going back. Not today, anyway. . . 


Tech Talk

Spring is my favourite time of year. I'm not sure if it always was, but I know that since Tripp died I have an even stronger connection to the new life and growth that comes this time of year. It is so amazing to see the green peak out of the ground and grow with such rigour.

Last weekend we were at my mom and dad's seeding, so Hugh and I were really looking forward to getting into our yard this weekend. Saturday was a jammed packed day starting with Martensville's annual garage sale weekend followed by a birthday party. Sunday was all set up to be our yard day.

We got out first thing in the morning and set to work. Hugh had done a bunch of work on Saturday, so I was able to get right to the fun stuff - examining how the perennials faired over the winter and planting annuals! I haven't purchased any flowers, so my main focus was going to be getting all my pots and beds ready and planing the garden (oh, how I love my garden). Things went really well for a couple of hour…


I am hooking up with the lovely fashion challenge ladies. Go HERE to see my posts and the links.  • • • Last night we were out biking and as we turned the corner onto our crescent a race broke out. Calder vs Hugh/Boone. Hugh was pulling Boone in the chariot. Hugh made a sharp turn into our driveway and Calder, who was following closely behind tried to take him on the inside. Although Calder loves to watch NASCAR, he doesn't have that much practical experience on the race course. Calder didn't take the turn tight enough and rubbed into Hugh. This side swipe caused him to ricochet into our car parked in the driveway.  As Calder crashed to our driveway, Hugh looked behind and exclaimed, "I win!" Calder picked his head off the cement and quickly chimed in, "I get second." Oy. And Hugh says Calder gets his competitiveness form me! 
Calder was not injured in the accident, but this is exactly how he ended up. I was killing myself laughing as I approached on my bike an…


A few weeks ago I got an email at work inviting me to participate in a MOOC (watch THIS short video to see what one is). At the time I had no idea what a MOOC was, but it was titled "Digital Citizenship" which intrigued me. I also had no idea what digital citizenship meant, but I love technology and although I am not always directly on top of new trends, I am usually only a step or two behind. Deena keeps me in the loop with what's going on! I think technology in the classroom can be amazing, so I wanted to learn more about it. I registered. . . .

We had our first class this week. It was really cool. The class was presented by Dave Cormier and you log on to a website and he taught live to a group of over 100 people. We could see Mr. Cormier speak, he toured us around websites, and we also could comment . Mr. Cormier responded to those comments as he spoke (think old MSN messenger).

The #DCMOOC is free and you can still register. Go HERE to check it out. You can particip…

Back on the Happiness Project

I didn't have a great week last week. I felt sad. I felt overwhelmed. I felt deflated. I spent a good portion of the week feeling nervous and I couldn't seem to put my finger on why. Subsequently, I didn't feel like doing anything around the house, laid on the couch for any given free moment, spent way too much time on my phone, and ate my face off.

Feeling emotionally bad breeds behaviour that tends to dig my self-created pit a little deeper. I then tend to feel worse and continue to do all those bad things to try and make myself feel better. On Sunday evening I decided I need to start climbing out of the hole. It took a good self talk and a list to claw my way a few feet closer to the surface, but it felt good.

The list included the following:
ABSOLUTELY no eating after supper. I am not hungry and do not need popcorn drenched in butter, or any of Calder's Easter chocolate (what little is left. . . I may have put a pretty substantial dent in it).DO NOT sit down in the …

Mother's Day

I saw this on Facebook.

Mother's Day is a hard day for me, but there are lots of people that find this day hard. I read THIS article on Huffington Post that speaks volumes. 
Hugh planned an amazing day for me. I got to decide everything, which is exactly the way I like it. We stayed close to home, got outdoors for some ball and had a cuddle on Tripp's bench. Albeit a quick cuddle. Boone wanted to explore and was not happy to be contained to my lap. Calder did a great job of cooperating during those few seconds. . .

I also got some amazing gifts. Hugh had the boys create a card for me and the boys' daycare helped Calder and Boone put together one for me as well. They were perfect. 

A few months ago at counselling, my counsellor suggested that I could imagine there was a long, long cord that connects my heart directly to Tripp's. I picture this cord to be gold. . . it is delicate, yet strong. She said that when I find myself starting to miss Tripp, rather than allow myse…

Style Me Challenge

I fell off the Style Challenge wagon these last few days. Partly because I didn't have white jeans clean and it was too cold for the maxi, but also because I basically didn't leave my pjs on the weekend (save my evening outing on Saturday, which I documented below). Don't get me wrong. I LOVED the challenge and will definitely be doing it again in the summer, but daily selfies do get a bit exhausting!

Day 17 - Denim Shirt, Stripped Tee, White Jeans, Sandals
I was white jeaned out on this day, so went with my black skinnies. I love this blazer (Vero Modo) and Tee (Vero Modo). Also loving the messy tuck! I normally wear this blazer and shoes with the same grey striped tee and grey jeans. When I find something that I like and that looks good, I go with it! This challenge has helped me step out of my box. And although a black stripped tee and black jeans might not seem like a big leap - it is for me! Ha!

Day 18 - White Tee, Cardigan, Boyfriend Jeans, Scarf, Sandals
This scarf (t…


Apparently, Hugh and I are gift card hoarders. Years ago when we got a gift card we got in the habit of saving them for a special occasion. This eventually lead to a huge pile up of gift cards. This actually isn't even all of them. After snapping this picture and cleaning them up, Hugh and I found a handful more. 
There is more than $1000 worth of cards here. I am so embarrassed as I type this. Hugh and I now have a new rule to spend gift cards right away. We have a bit of a backlog so it will take us a while to get to that point. We are also going to put these cards in a more easily accessible place so that it makes it easier for us to spend it.
I'm sure I'm getting a lot of pity right now over all the gift cards I have to spend. Ha!
Are you a hoarder or spender?
Happy Monday!