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Style Me Pretty Fall Edition - Week 3

Day 12 - Neutral Sweater, Fitted Tee, Leggings, Leopard Flats Felt like mixing it up with some camo leggings (Aritzia - Thanks Deena!). I love those leggings and will be wearing them LOTS this winter. Sweater (Bluenotes), Boots (Steve Madden).
Day 13 - Puffer Vest, Plaid Shirt, Grey Jeans, Riding Boots I found the grey jeggings at Costco ($13.99). I originally got them one size up from my regular, but I couldn't even get them up over my thighs! Needless to say I ended up going back twice and settled on a couple pairs that will fit me and my regular body at a later day and a couple pairs, 3 sizes up, that fit me now. For that price, I figured I couldn't go wrong (but possibly a tiny bit overboard!). Top (non-maternity Bootlegger).
Day 12 - Military Jacket, Stripped Tee, Leopard Flats, Dark Wash Jeans
I didn't read well and thought it had black jeans, thus I missed the opportunity to wear my regular jeans on the weekend! I really like this look. Top (Thyme), Coat (Bench), Jean…

A day in Canadian history

Yesterday, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was standing guard at the National War Memorial outside of Parliament. A man with a rifle approached and fatal wounded him. The gunman then went into the Parliament building and fired 30 - 50 shots before eventually being gunned down by the House of Commons sargeant-at-arms. 

I have had over 24 hours to try and digest the weight of this event and I continue to process. I feel like there is so much needless killing. An innocent Saskatoon mother gets gunned down in her home when gang members are given the wrong address for a hit. A storage locker full of the remains of infants is found in Winnipeg. A man serving our country is shot on duty in Ottawa. All tremendously sad and all unjust. 

As the events unfolded on Wednesday in Ottawa, I paid attention, but not too closely.  At one point on the radio the announcers noted that they had just watched video of Cpr. Cirillo having chest compressions performed as he lay beneath the memorial. All I could think about …

Style Me Pretty Fall Edition - Week 2

Day 3 - Plaid Shirt, Dark Denim, Ankle Boots, Tassel Necklace

I wasn't quite sure I liked the ankle boots, so didn't wear them out. I have since returned them! I don't think they will get enough wear for the $75! The necklace is copper and was my 8 year anniversary gift from Hugh. I liked the contrast with this outfit. Shirt is non-maternity, so I look forward to continuing to wear it in the spring!

Day 5 - Long Cardigan, Solid Tee, Grey Jeans, Plaid Scarf, Ankle Boots

This is my least favorite outfit of the challenge so far. I like the scarf, but don't like how it is tied. I also am not sure about how much I like that much of my leg exposed in the leggings. My lady parts are covered, and I have nice legs, just not completely comfortable in these pants. I think I would have liked the leggings with tall boots.
Day 6 - Sweater, Dark Jeans, Plaid Scarf, Riding Boots

I wish the sweater was bigger, but as I said on the FB page, it was only $10 and I got the biggest size they …

Style Me Pretty Challenge Week 1

Day 1 - Stripped Shirt, Boyfriend Jeans, Ankle Boots, Long Necklace

I did the exact opposite of what the challenge encourages us to do. I wore yoga pants and an old t-shirt all day. Normally this wouldn't really bother me, but I left the house and I have this one little rule about leaving the house looking like a scrub. That rule is "Don't leave the house looking like a scrub." Now you may be thinking, "Don't be too hard on yourself" and "We all have those days", but do you go out with crusted food on the front of those yoga pants and beet stains on the front of your shirt? I didn't think so. LOL

Day 2 - Military Jacket, White Shirt, Black Jeans, Tall Boots, Plaid Scarf

So here is what I planned to wear, but I didn't make it out the door (I completely missed the military jacket part, you will have to wait until it comes around again to see mine). Scarf (Joe), Shirt (Thyme), Jeans (American Eagle), Boots (Aldo). I think I would have like…

Style Challenge Shopping

I began my Style Challenge shopping a week ago Friday. I found a plaid shirt that is a tunic style. It isn't maternity (yah!) and it covers my bottom (double yah, since I am only wearing leggings these days). I wanted to buy a number of other things that day - particularly a scarf, but didn't find anything I liked.

On Thursday after my treatment, I decided to make a stop at Value Village on my way home. I read a blog about finding boyfriend jeans at thrift stores (sorry, can't remember where I read it to link it) and I wanted to give it a try. I have a pair that I like, but they are a bit higher in the rise and haven't fit me since August. I REALLY didn't want to invest in another pair - but I knew that if I could find a pair for cheap that would run me through my pregnancy, that was a whole other story. The author of the blog suggested looking at slim cut jeans in a few sizes larger than the size you would normally wear. I figured it was worth a try.

I actually en…

The update on the one who isn't here

Often it feels like things stay the same when it comes to Tripp, but when I really get to think about it things are always changing with him as well. I don't have milestones to reach with him, but my feelings are forever evolving.

I can't tell you how my heart swells to tell you this. Calder talks about Tripp ALL THE TIME. He often says he wishes Tripp were here to play with, or wonders where Tripp would be sitting when we are all piled on the couch. Calder also will correct anyone who suggests he only has one brother and when he counts people in our family he always says 6 (new baby included). He also wanted to take a picture of Tripp to school along with our family picture (They are learning about families and Madam requested a picture). This feels incredible to me, because it was only about a year ago that I wondered if Tripp's life would have an impact on Calder's at all. I felt sad thinking it might not, but I also understood that it was Calder's life and what…

Happy Birthday to Me

I LOVE birthdays. I truly believe everyone should have a day made special, just for them. Which is the main reason I hope that this new baby doesn't share their birthday with Tripp!

I will head to work today and will try and make a special detour to Star Bucks to get my favorite coffee treat (Vanilla Latte, low fat, half sweet). I told all my students on Friday that it was my birthday on Monday. Some will remember, most won't. Whatever! I will get a handful of "happy birthdays" and that alone can make this girl feel special!

Calder has hockey tonight ;-) and so it begins! My special day will have a slight interruption when we head to the rink. The good news is that we will eat what I want to eat (I requested pizza this year . . . Calder and Boone will not be overly thrilled, but whatever! And we will eat cake. . . .They will be thrilled with this!!). I have also requested to have a day to shop for items on the Fall Style Me Pretty Challenge list, so I will be looking…

Random Thoughts

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that Calder had a great time going to the library at school. So far, I have been "on the ball" when it comes to school stuff (stay tuned, because it will never last). On Monday morning, the day the books were due back, I had Calder go to his room and put the books in his bag. I watched him do it and then had him deliver the bag to Hugh in the kitchen so his lunch could be packed.

After school, I asked him how the library was and he reported that he couldn't get any books because his old ones weren't returned. Perplexed, I asked him if he forgot to pull them from his bag. Calder told me he looked in his bag at school and they weren't there. Hugh confirmed what I swore I saw that morning. The books were in the bag when he packed his lunch. As Hugh and I brainstormed where they were, Calder piped up that "Maybe the zipper on my bag came open and the library books fell out." Oy. Nothing else fell out of his bag, yet somehow…